Stargates to communicate with alien civilizations


Is there life in the universe, as well as on Earth? The question has fascinated scientists for decades, trying both to recreate in the laboratory the conditions in which life may have formed on our planet and to find extrasolar planets (“exoplanets”) where these conditions may have been reproduced.

NASA is looking for exoplanets with Kepler

NASA, in particular, with the Discovery program, has officially given itself the mission of finding such planets. Thanks to Kepler probe it has already been estimated that they can exist “at least 17 billion” of Earth-like exoplanets somewhere in the universe.

Of these over 700 have already been confirmed by Kepler's observations, with some of them having characteristics very similar to the Earth.

Since 2015 has NASA confirmed thanks to Kepler's data that there are two planets, Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, very similar to our planet also in size. Problem: the two planets are 475 and 1,100 light-years respectively.

Kepler space telescope
Kepler space telescope

The problem of cosmic distances

It is therefore impossible to even think of sending an automatic probe to verify the existence of life on them, or to establish relations with any alien civilizations, given that even the fastest rockets currently do not reach speeds exceeding 100,000 kilometers per hour, about one ten-thousandth of the speed of light.

To reach even just Proxima Centauri, the star closest to our solar system (4.22 light-years away) at the moment one of our probes would take at least 42,000 years.

Yet not everyone is convinced that the problem of large distances is unsolvable; conspiracy theorists suspect that some world governments have already found how to overcome it, thanks to a technology that has also inspired movies like Stargate, one of the stargates.


Annunaki and the stargates

One of them would indeed be in Iraq, since 6 thousands years ago, that is from the age of the Sumerian civilization that in a few years made progress in all fields of knowledge, from hydraulic engineering to lunar calendars, from arithmetic to literature, progress that no one had been able to make in the previous 200 thousand years of human presence on the planet.

There are those who see in such progress the work of an alien civilization, the Annunaki which in Sumerian means “those who fell from the skies” or “great gods”.

Annunaki would be aliens, come to Earth thanks to the use of stargates able to connect with superluminal tunnels, similar to those theorized by the Russian astrophysicist Sergej Krasnikov.

Puerta de Hayu Marka
Puerta de Hayu Marka

There would be more than one of these stargates on Earth: in the south of Peru, near Puno on the shores of Titicaca lake, a pre-Inca civilization built over four thousand years ago the Puerta de Hayu Marka, that is the “gods' door” (or “stargate”), a giant door carved out of red granite rock literally in the middle of nowhere, at over 4,000 meters above sea level.

According to legend, an Inca priest, pursued by the Spanish conquistadors, disappeared into thin air thanks to this very door.

Stargates around the world

In Bolivia, at Tiwanaku, always along the coast of Titicaca, there is the “Sun door”, obtained over 2 thousand years before the advent of the Inca civilization from a single boulder on which numerous reliefs were engraved, through which it was thought possible to get in touch and exploit the energy of the sun and the stars.

These and other doors found at ancient archaeological sites are stellar doors, able to connect distant points in the universe to each other, or even only the votive reproduction of machinery and equipment used millennia ago by alien visitors that the ancient terrestrial populations believed to be gods?

Sun door
Sun door

What was in the Arctic Base 211?

In recent times the legends regarding the Isle of Thule, already described by ancient Greek writers like Pitea and Diogene, obsessed Adolf Hitler to the point that in the midst of the Second World War, Germany carried out various Arctic military expeditions, arriving to build a base there, the Artic Base 211 at Neue Schwabenland (New Swabia).

After the war between 1946 and 1947 admiral Richard Bird led the operation “high jump” on behalf of the US Navy and the base was carefully inspected. During the inspection, sophisticated technologies would have been found, even if the United States has always denied this hypothesis.

Be that as it may, the operation was interrupted a few months before its scheduled completion, after Bird himself expressed concerns about some “fighters able to fly from one pole to another at incredible speed”. Missiles, UFOs or stargates? The mystery is likely to remain so for at least several decades.

Flying saucer
Has the Arctic Base 211 ever hidden Nazi flying disks? (reconstruction)

Mysteries of the great ziggurat of Ur

Even more recently, the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, in the 1980s, ordered a restoration of the great ziggurat of Ur, already explored in 1922 by British archaeologist Leonard Woolley, transforming it into a real fortress, complete with an adjoining airbase.

Is it possible that the United States intervened in Iraq to prevent it being found and operated by Saddam Hussein and Iraq stargate? If so, this could then have been identified, dismantled and transported to the United States during the 10 years of occupation of Iraq by the US armed forces, which settled in turn, right near the Ur ziggurat, one of their main airbases.

Granted that all this is true and that the secret that has so far surrounded the subject derives from the fear that the premature opening of a stargate, built thousands of years ago by an alien civilization much more advanced than the terrestrial one, can cause untold damage to the planet Earth, remains a point that not even the most passionate theorists of conspiracy theory can explain.

If the stargates are used to make leaps of tens or hundreds of light-years in a few moments, how did civilizations astronomical distances far from our planet build the terminal doors of the superluminary tunnels, here on Earth?

Assuming they had (or still have) the technology to build the port of departure, to build that of arrival they would first have had to reach the planet by other more conventional means. Thus the problem of cosmic distances remains unresolved.

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