Nibiru returns

Nibiru will trigger the Doomsday

This summer you won't have to book: according to Gordon James Gianninoto June 17 will be the Doomsday.

The last conspirator of the apocalypse to rise to the headlines has recently set the date of the end of the world. But why should the Apocalypse come?

Nibiru approaches the Earth

That's because according to Gianninoto June 17 will be the day when Nibiru, the famous Planet X, will reach the minimum distance from the Earth, rising to “only” 24 million kilometers, just over 62 times the Earth-Moon distance or if you prefer 0.16 times the minimum Earth-Sun distance.

Given that Nibiru would have a mass considerably greater than that of our planet, such a close passage would involve gravitational and magnetic alterations, like the inversion between the North Pole and the magnetic South Pole, but also magnetic storms and gravitational waves that will trigger earthquakes, tsunamis with waves 213 meters high, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and so on and so forth.

Nibiru returns

The human race is close to extinction

A series of upheavals that according to the optimist Gianninoto should lead to the disappearance of about 90% of the human race. Which would mean that at least 770 million people would survive, so however impressive it would not be a mass extinction.

Gianninoto has no advice on how to save himself, but on how to prepare for the end: to start a spiritual path of repentance and to donate all his earthly goods (possibly to him). Among the other details that the conspiracy theorist does not provide is how it is possible that neither NASA nor the other world space agencies have yet seen Nibiru.

No feedback so far

Of course those who believe that Nibiru exists and the end of the world is destined to come believe that in reality the space agencies and world governments know of the existence of Nibiru but do not mention it to avoid triggering panic. You choose what to believe.

However, keep in mind that in the last few years only one in 2012, four in 2017, two in 2018 had already been foreseen in the last few years and that by 2019 the date of December 28 had already been indicated (due to an impact with a “trivial” asteroid).

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