Salyut 7 and space angels

Cosmonauts and astronauts saw angels in space

What have the Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts really seen in space in these last decades? According to some reports, they saw what is described as “space angels”.

Let's go with order: it was 1985, the Soviet space program was at its peak when an unexpected event occurred at the Salyut-7 space station that the authorities decided not to mention.

An accident at the Salyut-7 remained secret

It was the 155th day of flight with a crew of six: three “veterans” (Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov and Vladimir Solovyov) and three “new guests” (Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk and Vladimir Dzhanibekov). The cosmonauts were engaged in some programmed experiments when a large cloud of orange gas appeared along the route followed by the Salyut-7 station.

salyut 7 crew

While the cosmonauts tried to figure out that it could be like that and the Flight Control on the ground was analyzing the message received from the station, Salyut-7 entered the cloud. For a moment it seemed that the orange cloud had penetrated the orbital station and an orange glow surrounded each cosmonaut, blinding them and making it impossible to see what was happening.

Winged beings in space

The vision returned almost immediately but the cosmonauts who looked out of the station portholes were amazed: on the other side of the glass, seven splendid giant figures appeared in the cloud of orange gas. For the cosmonauts there could be no doubt, in the space in front of them appeared creatures of light, authentic heavenly angels!

These beings appeared different from normal human beings, not only because of their enormous wings or the dazzling halo around their heads. The main difference was the expression on their faces. “They smiled at us”, later the cosmonauts declared, stating: " it was not a smile of greeting, but a smile of joy>”.

Top secret space angels

After about ten minutes the space angels that accompanied the Salyut-7 station disappeared along with the orange cloud, leaving in the minds of the cosmonauts an inexplicable feeling of loss and desire.

When the flight directors read the report of what the cosmonauts had seen, they immediately recorded it as “top secret”, ordering the cosmonauts themselves and the medical staff who followed them not to mention the incident.

At the time, moreover, the existence of angels was not permitted by Soviet communist ideology. Later after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, it was discovered that even some American astronauts repeatedly encountered angels in space.

Not only: on some photographs obtained by Hubble space telescope during the study of NGG-3532 galaxy, the Hubble sensors would have detected the appearance of seven luminous objects in the earth's orbit.

salyut 7 space angels

Did even Hubble photograph space angels?

According to unofficial sources, some of the photographs subsequently obtained would have been stored separately seven figures of winged creatures that resembled biblical angels. “They were about 20 meters high” stated later John Pratchers, Hubble project engineer, adding that: “their wings reached the wingspan of a modern commercial jet”.

These creatures, Pratchers concluded, “they radiated a strong glow: we cannot yet say what they are or not, but they seemed to want to be photographed”. It was just space pareidolia?

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