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Our solar system could have hosted ancient alien civilizations

Is it possible that our solar system hosted other developed civilizations and if so when would it happen and what would happen to them?

To wonder if there is the possibility that the solar system has hosted another developed civilization, from which the human race may have originated, was the astronomer Jason Wright, of the Penn State University.

In a paper the astronomer exposed his theory: advanced civilizations could have lived in our solar system well before the appearance of man on earth.

Indigenous technological species in the solar system

Wright called these civilizations “indigenous technological species” underlining that if these civilizations really existed they would have to leave “technosignatures”, i.e. remains of their ancient technology that can withstand deterioration far more than organic materials.

These “technosignatures” would be over millions of years buried under the surface of the earth or other planets like Mars or Venus. The “indigenous technological species” should have developed during the Cambrian period.

At times on earth complex life forms spread in a sort of acceleration of the evolution that could be the answer to some cosmic cataclysm that destroyed the previous forms of life, obliging the terrestrial biosphere to generate new forms of living organisms.

specie tecnologiche indigene

Technosignatures hid for millions of years

We know moreover, notes Wright, that on Mars millions of years ago there were oceans of water in the liquid state and maybe even Venus presented conditions suitable for the development of life, before seeing temperatures rise and become that hell that is today.

Although there is no evidence to support Wright's theory, one can not but admit the appeal of his hypothesis.

According to Wright, it is also possible that we have already come into contact with the remains of some “technosignatures”, but that we have not been able to recognize them for such.

Or that some evidence is still traceable on some rocky satellites around Saturn or Jupiter as Encedalus or Europe, under the frozen surface of which oceans of water are kept in the liquid state.

Who knows, then, if we will find evidence in the next few years or decades of any “ancient aliens” that preceded the man in the colonization of the solar system and, maybe, have had a direct or indirect role in the origin of our species. Any reference to myths and legends could be not purely coincidental.

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