Moon underground city

There is an underground city under the Moon

The Moon has always been a subject of interest by ufologists and space agencies all over the world, Nasa first of all. We still know relatively little about what is hidden beneath its surface.

That there's been a lot of bad blood between NASA and most ufologists around the world is known. According to those who believe that UFOs and aliens go and come from our solar system (and our planet) habitually for decades if not for centuries, the American space agency has repeatedly concealed evidence and important discoveries.

Moon: does Nasa hide the existence of an underground city?

In recent years many ufologists have claimed that NASA is not only aware of the existence of the so-called “Planet X” (or Nibiru), but that it has also hidden for years a huge system of underground tunnels that form an entire city on the Moon. This would be one of the reasons why after the Apollo missions of the 70s we have not returned to the Moon.

The first rumors about a possible tunnel system on the Moon have begun to circulate since 2012. Already in 2009, after all, the Japanese probe Kaguya sent incredible images of a tunnel system and caves to the ground, in one of which a partially interrupted entrance with a diameter of at least 50 meters was clearly visible.

tunnel Luna

According to Japanese caves and tunnels are natural

The official explanation (of Jaxa, the Japanese space agency) was that it is a system of natural caves and tunnels that penetrates within the lunar surface for 50 kilometers. The system would have formed about 3.5 billion years ago due to the volcanic activity of the Moon and is located in an area with several volcanic domes known as Marius Hills, near the lunar crater that the same name.

Those strange structures on the surface

Previously many ufologists have already shown to the public various images of curious large structures and other anomalies that would appear on the surface of the Moon, under which there may be a huge network of underground tunnels. Regarding this point agree both Nasa, which consider these presumed superficial structures (as well as those reported on Mars) to be natural and mere examples of pareidolia, and ufologists, believing that they are of alien origin.

Nasa astronauts

New human expeditions will be needed

But if these are of natural origin or not and if they have ever been exploited for terrestrial or alien installations it is a doubt destined to remain unanswered for many years. At least until the United States, with NASA or private companies like SpaceX or Blue Origin, or some other nation will send human shipments on our satellite again (a goal that the US consider as an intermediary target with respect to a human expedition to Mars), in the coming years or decades.

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