10 amazing facts about the Moon

10 amazing facts about the Moon

There are at least 10 amazing facts about the Moon a few know. Fanwave thought to report them to all Moon's fans, so if you wanna know what are them, you have just to keep on reading this article.

10 amazing facts about the Moon a few know

1. On the surface of the Moon there is a small astronauts memorial, the “Fallen Astronaut”. It is a 3.3 inch aluminum model of an astronaut wearing his space suite placed by the crew of the Apollo 15. Near the little sculpture created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck there is a plaque with the name of all who have died while pursuing space exploration;

2. The first living creatures which flew around the Moon aboard a spaceship were a couple of Russian tortoises on the soviet probe Zond 5, September 14, 1968. Alongside them flew also flies, flourworms, plants, seeds, bacterias and other living creatures. They were back, safely, on Earth September 18, 1968;

3. Moon surface experiences great extremes in temperature in a day: from -100° C to + 160° C. On Earth, the main extreme was from -49 to +7 degree. This btw was an exceptional extreme on Earth, having been recorded only once, in 1916 at Montana (Usa);Moon Fallen Astronaut

4. The Moon's landscape can be seen through an ordinary domestic telescope. For instance, with ordinary telescope you can easily see Moon's seas and craters;

5. Even during the day, sky above the Moon is starry black, sionce our satelite has not an atmosphere. Furthermore, Earth is visible from Moon day and night and the position of the terrestrial disk remains virtually unchanged;

6. On the Moon the gravitational pull is 6 times lower than on Earth. Thus, on the Moon, average people could lift a load six times the one that could be lifted on Earth;

7. To reach the Moon flying with an airplane around 20 days would be needed. With a car around six months would be needed proceeding, without stopping, to a cruising speed of 90-100 km/h;Moon Earth

8. From Earth, the apparent diameter of the Moon and the Sun is around the same. Because of this extraordinary coincidence we can observe a solar eclipse;

9. Moon has its own Alps, Apennines, Pyrenees, Carpathians, Caucasus Mountains. Mountains on the bright side of the Moon are clearly visible also with an amateur telescope;

10. In 2010, NASA launched the lunar project “Avatar”. The idea is to send robots on the Moon, and on Mars, which would be driven by scientists, on Earth, wearing special suites. If the project will really be implemented, then it should be possible not to have to send people on the Moon or on Mars, conducting all the researches from the surface of our home planet.

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