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Pluto's photos are debated between scientists and ufologists

Is there an alien base on Pluto? The doubt began to circulate among ufologists around the world after the spread of some images of the small planet shot in 2015 from a height of 17,000 kilometers by New Horizons probe, the same which collected data which according to Nasa scientists let you hypothesize that alien life, even primitive, actually broke into Pluto.

Nasa: alien life on Pluto is possible

But the remains of alien buildings, connected one to each other by what seems like roads on which extraterrestrial vehicles may have traveled, which could have been photographed by New Horizons have nothing to do with the kind of alien life Nasa thinks, Nasa which if anything hopes to find it shortly confirmation of the possibility that under Pluto's soil there have been chemical reactions able to create a suitable environment for primitive forms of life, as on Europa, the Jupiter's satellite.

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Is it a long time abandoned base?

But then who built and what are the huge buildings photographed on the frozen surface of Pluto by New Horizons? According to Nasa they are just traces of an ancient volcanic activity, but ufologists do not give up and point out as in the center of the complex there is a flat section which seems ideal to take off and land planes or spacecrafts. The base would then be abandoned, since some trails do not lead anywhere.

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Scientists: traces of volcanic activity

Astronomers who adhere to the point of view of classical science instead talk about “traces” with regard to the alleged roads, while dark spots on Pluto's surface would not be the remain an alien base but rock formations born as a result of convective foam formation of Pluto's solid layers. In conclusion: no alien engineer ever built on Pluto and if the little planet hosts or has hosted extraterrestrial life, this is not on its surface.

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