Life on Mars?

Life on Mars?

Over the past years many ufologists suspected that the Nasa can hide informations regarding possible alien forms of life met during its missions, particularly those on the Moon and on Mars.

Now a sequence of pictures taken January 29, 2015, by Nasa’s Curiosity rover, while drilling the red planet’s surface (here you can find the original Nasa’s pictures:, assembled like a video, seems to show a small critter walking away from the area where Curiosity is drilling.

Curiosity drilling on Mars

Shortly after a shade is glimpse which for some would belong to a second and greater creature came out of a fissure in the ground, stretching out until almost to the first creature, as to snag it. Whatever it is, if are not debris of rocks lifted from Curiosity drilling, it would be the evidence that ther is life on Mars, even if of small dimensions.

The Youtube canne Mars Alive was the first to discover this “anomaly” in the Nasa’s pictures sequence; for Mars Alive it could be a small craft with a small being getting off the craft activating the evacuation of the smoke type flow.

Curiosity’s sensors probably detected what was happening and that’s why would have approached the rover’s mechanical arm to further drilling and trying to collect samples of the vehicle.

Will it be the correct interpretation? Hopefully we won’t have to wait until 2030 to be sure about it, when Nasa wants to to send a first human exploration on the red planet. In the meantime, enjoy the footage that the whole web is commenting these days.

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