Does Nasa activate “Ufo-bliding” protocol?

Does Nasa activate Ufo-bliding protocol?

Does a protocol inside Nasa exists such that every time one of the camera outside the International Space Station (Iss) involved in the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment (you can look at the live streaming) get a shot of an Ufo, i.e. literally a unidentified flying object, that this is space debris, meteorites or alien vehicles, the camera itself is switched off?

Another Iss’ video cut

There’s no way to get an evidence, for sure is happened more than once that one of the cameras outside has taken a shot of something unusual, live streaming was cut with the classic banner of apologies for the “inconvenience”. The last episode was July 9, 2016, when Iss cameras have framed an Ufo, whatever it was, entering Earth's atmosphere.

Indeed the footage cuts of this kind have been numerous over the years, according to the technicians most likely because often Iss lies beyond satellite footprints transmitting its images to Earth and that is causing a break in the video feeds. Nevertheless the fact that such interruptions do not occur when footage show anything wrong, while promptly happens while on the screen appeared something unusual makes you think.

Sure, here too could be a tiny object moving slowly near the camera lens’ surface, therefore appearing like a very large scale objects moving very fast and very distant from the camera. Yet a lot of people in the Us and in the world believe that U.S. government, and not only, knows more than it’s telling us and that Nasa is deliberately withholding evidence of extraterrestrial life existence.

Conspiracy mathematical model

Actually an Oxford University’s researcher, David Robert Grimes, developed a model to evaluate mathematically the scale of a possible covering activity: to “hide” a fake Moon landing, Grimes has calculated, in 1969 Us Government should have involve directly or indirectly about 400 thousand people. Again, according to Grimes evaluation, such “covering” would’ve been exposed in three years at most.

In the case of Iss video breaks, however, it hasn’t been evaluated how many people should be involved in the conspiracy and how quickly, mathematically, conspiracy itself would be discovered. Until we know for sure we can maintain, lodged in good faith: “I wanna believe” and imagine the existence of a Nasa’s protocol to get rid of the evidence of Ufos and aliens existence. Who knows, we might turn out to be right.

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