Nordic aliens, the most ancient race of the galaxy

Nordic aliens

We already explained how we contacted a member of a special and discreet organization, in comparison to which ceremonies as those that taking place in the Bohemian Grove make people smile.

This person told us that some of the rumors which have been bouncing on the web for years, concerning contacts and presence of aliens on Earth, are genuine and that organizations as those of which he belongs, periodically spread some truths, along with a lot of lies, to see how the world public opinion could react to the truth.

Nordic aliens origin

After talking to us about Reptilians our “man in black” described other alien races, starting from the Nordic aliens. Physically similar to the humans, fair-skinned and blondie, tall (according to some witnesses that first described their appearance their height can vary from 1,9 to 2,1 meters) but heavyset, they seem to often have been exchanged for angels or other divine entities since ancient times.

As also confirmed by George Adamski for first and then by Billy Maier, Nordic-type aliens are native of a solar system once in the Pleiades. This star cluster is around 440 light-years from the sun and now it seems to be made mostly by young stars. But around 2.8-3 billion years ago there was a star with mass several times that of the sun.

This “mother star” developed a wide solar system that within the following billion years saw forms of life beginning to emerge. Their evolution made up the ancientest civilization of our galaxy. Nevertheless, around 1.5 billion years the Nordic/Pleiadians realized the risk to be swept away in a few tens of millions of years, because of the fly-by next to the mother star of a black hole.

Space colonization lasts for millions of years

A period of time that in the light of humans should not have, perhaps, to worry them, but Nordic aliens didn't wait for it to happen. In a few thousand years they were able to colonize all the main planets of their solar system.

Then, in less than a million years, with an engineering work which hasn’t had equal in the universe till now, they were able to divert them from their orbits, ferrying them toward a near but smaller star.

Nordic aliens

After several hundreds of millions of years, Nordic-type aliens evolved further while the black hole was destroying the mother star, finally causing a violent explosion that gave origin to the very first "core" of the Pleiades. The process was extremely slow and only 150-100 million years ago materials returned to thicken enough to give life to new stars.

The first contact with the human race

Meanwhile, the Nordic had succeeded in finding the way to travel in the space both with their own planet-spaceships, both with real spaceships, beginning to colonize new worlds or to come into contact with other races among which the humans.

The contact with the human race is very recent (on a cosmic scale), having happened around 200 thousand years ago. During the following centuries, a lot of genetic experiments were done on some Homo Erectus that would have contributed to the appearance of the Homo Sapiens.

Returned more times on the Earth, also establishing their temporary base (maybe even Atlantis, but this is not sure), Nordic aliens, given their very long evolution, are characterized by great spiritual ability and have always shown a kind behavior towards the human race.

Some thousand years ago they finally decided to just play the role of observers, so to monitor the evolution of the human race. Perhaps waiting for to be able to establish new and different relationships with us.

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