photos of ghosts and other spirits

Photos of ghosts and other spirits

Is it possible to photograph a ghost? The question returns every time a new image of a presumed spirit begins to circulate on the web.

The last case is that of the Spaniard Sergio Villaronga, 32 years old of Valencia who posted on the web the image of a strange steam in a park, in which many claim to see a figure that resembles that of the “grim reaper”, that is one of the best known representations of death in the West.

Death photographed in Valencia

According to Villaronga he was walking with his girlfriend in the city park in the middle of a clear day, yet there was a strange haze that the human eye could not see but that would have been taken by Sergio's smartphone, in a photo taken from the autumn nature. Back home, the couple covered the shots just made by noting the image, in some ways creepy or perhaps even scary.

A real ghost or is it all a joke?

The image, which then became viral, shows a puff of white steam that, according to Villaronga, clearly shows the features of a skull head and the body of an old bony clad in a cloak and a scythe in his left hand. Only a prank that the availability of graphics and photo-editing programs has made in these years much easier to organize? Or maybe the latest case of pareidolia?

Our gallery of spirits and ghosts

Btw, the availability of photographed “ghosts” on the web is really huge and it is not limited to these last few years, so who knows, among the many “fakes” there may be some really paranormal cases. What do you know? Scroll through our gallery and let us know if you know other images worth sharing.

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