Abandoned places

Abandoned places, 10 gorgeous photos

Abandoned places fascinate and terrorize us at the same time: they show us the world how it could once again becoming if for any reason the human race should disappear suddenly, leaving behind failing evidencs of its greatness.

Abandoned places all over the world

World is full of abandoned places, whether they be industrial complexes, old theatres or o crumbling buildings, mines or scrapped undergrounds, or areas in which access is banned due to security reasons, for instance because of dangerously high radiation levels. Some of them have long been objects of desire, more or less prohibited, of photographers and urban explorers.

Best pictures of abandoned places thought to gather in a photo gallery the best that you can find online, through social media like Pinterest or Flickr based on sharing photos and images, to offer a thrilling overview of what would be a world without humans. However, if you know other places that deserve to be included in our photo gallery, please let us know in the comments.

Help us to keep the gallery updated

With your help we will keep the image gallery up-to-date or we will create others, maybe theamed. Would you like, for example, to see a gallery dedicated only to ghost towns like Pripyat in Ukraine, or to abandoned industrial and mining complexes, like Mirny, in Siberia?

Or you would prefer to virtually visit disused amusement parks, like the one told in Abandoned by Disney? Or even space complexes, like the one where lie the last traces of the Buran which would have to compete with Space Shuttle? Please, tell us and we will find a way to satisfy you. For the moment enjoy the slideshow and remember, dont' forget to tell us what are the abandoned places that most impressed you.

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