crooked forest - nowe czarnowo

The crooked forest of Nowe Czarnowo

In our world there are really “magical” forests, which whether natural or caused by man have totally different characteristics compared to what we are used to see. We already told you about the Hoia-Baciu haunted forest, in Transylvania (Romania), today we wanna bring you in West Pomerania (Poland), near the city of Nowe Czarnowo, in the Gryfino county.

Gryfino's crooked pines

Here there is a forest called by the local “the crooked forest” (“Krzywy Las”) because of the distinctive shape of some of its 400 pine trees, 90 degree grabbed at the base of the trunk, wich then curves back upright, facing North. Part of the forest is recent, since 100 of its pines were planted around 1930, and the peculiar shape could have been favoured by the use of some tool or technique (now lost) to artificially bend the young conifers in their early years, but is not clear why the pines were bent.

crooked forest poland

Natural or artificial source?

Maybe, some suggest, the plantes have been bent in order to “naturally” (so to speak) take a shape which would have made them suitable to use in furniture or boat (or wagon) building industry. But it's also possible that the origin of the strange pines' shape it's really natural, for instance due to one or more snowstorm which could have knocked the trees' trunk, turning them grow up “crooked”.

Ideal location for photographers

There is no lack of those who speak of likely magnetic fields, paranormal phenomena or alien intervention to explain why ten s of pines inside a forest are bent and facing North whereas all others don't. One thing's for sure: if you are around (the forest is about two hours away from Berlin by car), particularly during springtime, the crooked forest of Nowe Czarnowo surely deserve a visit, if only to take some amazing photos as did Kilian Schönberger who in 2015 devoted a gallery on Behance to the forest (some of that photos you can see in this article).

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