UFOS and aliens exist, authorities have to admit it

UFOs and aliens exist, authorities have to admit it

Not only Cornell University astrophysicists, as Fanwave already told you, posit extragalactic alien civilizations existence. Now Scott C. Waring, world-famous ufologist, author of the blog Ufo Sightings Daily, seems certain too: the truth about contacts between UFOs and aliens and world governments will break soon, since authorities can not keep informations quiet much longer, given the increase in UFO sightings recorded in recent years.

Trappist-1 was a test

Waring pointed out as the number of witnesses of one or more UFOs sightings is really wide, but only now thanks to internet the truth about what witnesses spotted started to spread. That’s why Nasa would have started to check out the ground, having announced recently the discovery of a system of seven rocky planets Earth-like around Trappist-1, 40 light-years away from solar system.

This would be just the first and not even the most shocking truth which awaits, Waring warned: clues regarding UFOs and aliens existence that got world’s spotlight have become too numerous so that authorities can silence the truth any longer. If you don’t believe, check out yourself our photogallery regarding the latest and most glaring UFOs and aliens sightings all over the world.

UFOs and aliens: what will be the reaction to the truth?

Conspiracy theorists suspected for a long time that the most important world’s governments made arrangements with alien races, but preferred to keep them hidden fearing the effect that the disclosure of the existence of extragalactic civilizations could have on religions, politics and more generally on the control that governments and most important lobbies and secret society exert on people.

But now just one of these groups (tied to Rockefeller family) would be looking to let truth arise, getting the termination, after 61 years, of the so called “truth embargo” which up to now blocked the disclosure of information regarding UFOs and aliens contacts on Earth. With Donald Trump to the White House US could feel strong enough, and in recovered harmony with Vladimir Putin's Russia, to let truth arise.

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