Gorgeous photos of dogs and cats

Who doesn’t love the photos of dogs, cats, or any other pets which have been circulating for years on main social networks? When the one who shot the photo is Sergey Polyushko, a talented Ukrainian photographer whose portfolio includes everything from fashion to architecture, from commercial to street photography, the result can actually be spectacular.

Ten author photos of cats and dogs

We thought to select a gallery consisting in ten photos of dogs and cats, to show you how much Sergey Polyushkois know how to create images able to glue you to the screen, so to whatch over and over again more times in a day.

A varied gallery

Let you try to scroll our image gallery, but at your own risk: you may never be able to stop looking the photos of these gorgeous cats, dogs and four-legged friends in general! Then, if you like, you can admire further works of the talented Kiev’s photographer even on 500px or on Instagram.

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