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Don't abandon dogs and cats: they spread love, not coronavirus

Dog and cat lovers can rest assured. The first feedback (in Hong Kong) of a dog coronavirus does not mean certainty from man to animal infection.

ot only that: the world scientific community (starting from the WHO and from the individual ministries of health of the different countries) agrees that in any case no, not even a single case has been found of coronavirus transmission from dogs or cats to men.

Behave with dogs and cats as with children

Having said that, the advice of many is to behave with our beloved animals as we should do with children. Let's avoid spending too much time attached to them and above all, at least for some time, let's avoid kissing them and limit ourselves to equally important (and absolutely safe) caresses.

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To avoid misunderstandings, the Chinese authorities themselves reiterated this: “pet owners should not be overly concerned and in no case should abandon them”, for example, declared the Department of Agriculture in Hong Kong.

Hygienic standards always apply

For everything else, the hygienic standards that should have been respected all over the world apply even in the absence of an epidemic, such as washing your hands whenever possible after being around or handling animals, food or supplies and keeping a home environment as clean and hygienic as possible for yourself as well as for your animal friends.

The renunciation of more pronounced displays of affection towards dogs and cats, like those towards children or friends, is at this moment a small but necessary sacrifice.

Cats bond with us as babies with parents

It is true that university research (for example, recent research by Krystin Vitale, researcher of the Oregon State University) have shown that cats in a particular bind to their humans like children with parents, especially if the survival of the animal depends on this relationship.

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By the way, this relationship is solid and stable over time and can survive some less effusion, if accompanied by the usual care of the needs of our dogs and cats.

Don't abandon your animal friends

Our animal friends, without exception, feel reassured by the presence of their reference human. They may have different ways of behaving towards us, showing greater or lesser affection, but this seems to depend on their greater or lesser feeling of security.

So don't let our animal friends miss your affection even at a time like this, so as not to make them insecure and not to crack their relationship with you. Above all, never abandon them: they really don't deserve it, having seen everything they are always able to give us.

cats dogs coronavirus

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