Zombie outbreak, the Pentagon has been studying countermeasures since 2014

Zombie outbreak

In a zombie outbreak is just a horror movie hypothesis or is there something true? It's hard to have certainties, of course, yet some signs that the second hypothesis is not to be discarded exists.

A document named  Conplan 8888 lo United States Strategic Command already in April 2011 planned to save the nation withChaplain Corps”, remote controlled robots and hand sanitizer and also explained how.

Zombie outbreak, the Pentagon solution

If an evil wizard had created zombies, the military chaplains would increase in number, while robots could repair and manage power plants where human workers would otherwise risk attracting hordes of undead.

As for hand sanitizer, it has never been proven that it is able to stop the viruses that revive corpses, but it kills 99% of the germs, so why not give it a try?

Zombie outbreak as a simulation of viral outbreaks

Tell the truth: at this point you expect us to say “we wanted to joke”. Well no, another US Army document published in 2015 by the site Foreingnpolicy reiterated that “this plan was not actually conceived as a joke” and that “the hyperbole linked to the drafting of a "zombie survival plan” has actually provided a very useful and effective training tool”.

zombie outbreak

Of course, the Pentagon doesn't really think that zombies are a current threat, but zombies offer the possibility of theorising how the military could react to a rapidly spreading biological threat which could generate hordes of fighting enemies and cause chaos around the world: the word "coronavirus" says nothing to you?

Extreme but not entirely impossible hypotheses

Now: have you ever heard of an army wasting time speculating how it would react even in the face of really extreme hypotheses but which did not have a remote possibility of becoming a reality tomorrow?

It will be a coincidence, but also the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had a similar stunt when it published the guidelines for the public about the preparation in the case of zombies also in 2014, using the zombie escamotage to explain how to prepare for any serious catastrophe.

Did the Pentagon fear rapid spreading viral epidemic?

Two cases make a clue, two clues an almost confirmation. Just the Pentagon has attracted attention for at least a century on the phenomenon of zombies, a term of Haitian origin linked to voodoo rites which originally identified living beings who fell into a state similar to lethargy.

This state induced apparent death from which, even after many years, a priest (bokor) he would have been able to exhume the body of the victim of the spell, making her his slave.

Zombie outbreak

When the U.S. Marines occupied Haiti between 1915 and 1934 they reported first-hand accounts of how bokors dominated people who apparently died recently but in reality victims drugged to appear dead, then buried, exhumed, revive with an antidote and then drugged again.

At that point the unfortunate became brainless brutes, good for little but hard work on sugar cane plantations.

Zombie hypothesis associated with different apocalyptic scenarios

Each era has its own version of the apocalypse. So while during the cold war the zombie hypothesis was often associated with a nuclear disaster, literature and cinema today use it in hypothetical futures in which water and food are scarce to the point of threatening the very survival of humanity, affected from some zombieficant virus.

In short, in the US the army and the ministry of health take the zombie hypothesis if not seriously at least as a valid “hyperbole” able to hypothesize how one could defend oneself from some apocalyptic hypothesis.

One of these could be linked to the spread of the Ophiocordyceps fungus, which in ants causes madness such that it effectively takes control of the ant's brain, making it rise high on the top of a tree, adhere to a leaf or a branch, and die.

Viruses or fungi that can lead to death

At that point a horn-like protuberance sprouts from the head of the dead ant with spores inside which are then released so as to fall on the forest floor and start a fungus/disease life cycle again.

This fungusdoes not seem harmful to humans but it has bizarre behaviors to say the least since it seems to attack only the ants queens even if it is not yet known how it can influence their behavior by causing them to leave their nest and kill them.

In the uncertainty, it is better to continue studying and, perhaps, to prepare plans for a zombie epidemic, making debts avert so that they never have to serve, of course.

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