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Coronavirus: according to Anonymous, China lies

Coronavirus continues to claim victims: according to the latest data provided by the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC), deaths have now risen to 305 and cases of infection have been confirmed to 14,631 (equal to about 2%).

Numbers that you can monitor on the Worldometers site which unfortunately appear destined to grow. But the reality could be even worse, if as the hacker group Anonymous accuses, the Beijing government is deliberately providing underestimated numbers so as not to admit that it has moved with guilty delay.

Coronavirus, Beijing lies about the origin?

So far nothing really upsetting, however tragic. What could be really serious, if confirmed, is the possible origin of the virus in a laboratory in Wuhan (city with 11 million inhabitants, now totally quarantined, from which the virus is believed to have developed) of which Nature magazine had already spoken three years ago.

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It's also known that the National Bio-safety Laboratory in Wuhan carries out studies on extremely dangerous viruses such as Ebola, Marburg hemorrhagic fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), bird flu A (H5N1), la Rift Valley fever and viral diseases of Nipah and Hendra and it is the first level opened in China (if you don't count the 2 already active in Taiwan) BSL-4 (biosafety level 4), that is, the maximum degree of safety as regards the containment of biological agents.

Did the virus escape from a Wuhan lab?

Also according to Anonymous, there is still no clear evidence that an accident or anything else caused the coronavirus to “escape” from the laboratory, which is only 20 miles from the Huanan fish market where the first case of infection is believed to have occurred. But already the Sars virus would have escaped “several times” to the structure.

More and more airlines (including Lufthansa and British Airways), but also large distribution chains (from Ikea to Starbucks) are in fact stopping their operations in China (and countries like Italy have decreed the stop on every flight to and from China) at least until the waters have calmed down. The risk is that this “braking” may spread from China to the entire world economy with more or less serious consequences for the various countries.

Coronavirus BSL 4 Wuhan

For our part, we hope that nobody wants to play the “little conspirator” by launching unjustified alarms only because of a poor attitude to fact-checking or to make audiences (as unfortunately have already done some sites, newspapers and tv shows all over the world), rather than bias (as some groups of American anti-vaccination fanatics on Facebook, whose delirious theses were relaunched by the Republican Senate candidate, Shiva Ayyadurai), but only to underline the right need for transparency.

Unleashed Antivaccinists: It's All Business!

So far, in fact, the “natural” origin remains the most probable hypothesis and despite the worrying growth, the number of infected and deceased remains infinitely smaller than those caused by common flu (which kills 646,000 people worldwide every year).

It should also be noted that the “vaccine business”, budgets in hand, makes pharmaceutical companies much less than others like the painkillers business or, even more so, cancer drugs. Against whom no one, Anonymous or otherwise, has ever felt compelled to launch alarms and crusades. Attentive and informed absolutely yes, involuntary false alarm transmitters also no, thanks.

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