Trump US Space Force

Why did Trump create the US Space Force?

Donald Trump seems to care a lot about space. So much to have created a new military service, the first for over 70 years, the US Space Force.

The US Space Force will depend on the US Air Force but it will have its own force of about 16,000 men, military and civilian.

Jay Raymond appointed Chief of Space Operations

In charge of the new military service, with the title of Chief of Space Operations, Trump appointed US Air Force general, Jay Raymond, since 2016 in charge of the US Space Command.

The new military force will have a budget of 40 million dollars for its first year of life (out of 738 billion annual budget of the US military).

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: the US has physical evidence of UFOs

This all happens a few weeks after Tucker Carlson cited a government source according to which the US secretly collected “physical” evidence that could finally explain the sightings of mysterious aircraft reported by American military and civilian pilots.

Carlson is a known face of Fox News, known for being very close to Trump, and the evidence he talks about would be related to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that has already talked about.

Will space become a battlefield?

The topic was discussed by Carlson in an interview with Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator at the British Ministry of Defense, during the filming of an episode of Ancient Aliens.

A grand advertisement for the program, but also the confirmation that the US sees space as a potential battlefield. The idea for now is not to send troops into orbit, but to defend American interests (for example hundreds of satellites) in space.

Pence Putin

Mike Pence: space has changed

Already a few weeks ago the vice president Mike Pence previously noticed that two nations had airborne lasers and anti-satellite missiles, adding that the US needed to counter.

The space environment has fundamentally changed in the last generation”, explained Pence. “What was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial”, he added. A vision that seems shared by Trump (who for some conspiracy theorists would be, like the Russian presidentVladimir Putin, a reptilian alien).

Vladimir Putin could imitate Trump

However, a response from Moscow could follow shortly: Putin has already stated in early December that the American expansion into space represented “a threat to Russian interests” which will require a response from Russia.

Will the cold war move from earth to space, or is there something behind Trump and Putin's decision to militarize space that is not being told by world public opinion?

And by chance this additional motivation has to do with the UFOs “physical” tests that Tucker Carlson spoke about? The doubts remain for now.

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