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Elizondo: tests under way on materials related to UFOs filmed by the US Navy

In mid-September, the Us Navy confirmed that three videos released by former Blink 182 singer, Tom Delogne, related to some UFOs filmed by military pilots were authentic.

Elizondo: tests are ongoing on materials related to UFOs

The news has been around the world but may not be over here. Luis Elizondo a former secret service official who with Delogne and the former deputy assistant secretary of defense Christopher Mellon founded the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (of which has already spoken) stated that some of the many data related to the video phenomena that the organization has examined could explain how things really are.

Molecular, chemical and atomic tests

The origin of part of the material would still have to be determined, while in part it would have been demonstrated, explained Elizondo speaking at the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, by FoxNews, adding that once the scientific analysis of the molecular, chemical and atomic properties of “materials” has been completed it will be possible to arrive at some well-defined conclusions on the nature of the “unidentified phenomena”, as they were defined by the Us Navy.

Elizondo, however, appeared very cautious pointing out how To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science is still testing the results obtained so far and revising the entire scientific investigation process, explaining that comparing data with other analogs is a very difficult process.

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A lot of work has yet to be done and it won't be easy” concluded the expert, wishing to be able to find, for example, isotopes of elements that are not present on the planet or examples of engineering never seen before or other, so as to be able to prove materially the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs.

Politicians also want to know the truth

Waiting to know the details on these “physical” evidence what the UFOs filmed by the US Navy pilots are made of, even the American political world seems to take the matter seriously. Mark Walker, the Republican representative of North Carolina and high official of the sub-committee of the secret services and anti-terrorism, stated that Us Navy has hidden information on UFO sightings.

This is why Walker has officially asked for more data on the disconcerting sightings, whose videos were released online between 2017 and 2018 by the New York Times and on the official site of Elizondo, Delogne and Mellon's academy. If it really were UFO of alien origin sightings (rather than drones or experimental aircraft still secrets) it will be difficult for the truth to remain hidden for long.

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