UFOs at El Paso

UFO crashes near El Paso

December 26th 2018 an unidentified flying object (UFO) would have crashed near Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico, not far from the border with El Paso, Texas.

At that point the Us Army would send some patrols across the border to find the object and bring it presumably to Fort Bliss base, which is a few miles from the border and rom fthe place of the alleged accident.

ufo el paso

Blackout after the crash

Due to the crash of the unidentified flying object, there would have been a total blackout in homes near the impact area and voltage, 3G and 4G telephone network and in radio and television signals problems in almost the entire Mexican town.

What has been exactly is not clear yet, but many eyewitness videos and eyewitnesses speak of an orange spherical object that around 19.40 local time would have appeared in the sky.

UFO seen in flight for 20 minutes

The object would have carried out "intelligent" maneuvers keeping in flight about twenty minutes before falling to the ground.

There are also numerous testimonies of behavior “abnormal” by dogs and domestic cats during the sighting and immediately after the crash, such as not wanting to go out for the usual walk or hide under the beds.

Ufo el paso area incidente

US Army does not comment

The time during the sighting and the subsequent crash was cold but clear. The Mufon is investigating the incident that according to the first hypothesis may have been a test of a flying object of the American army driven by electromagnetic impulses.

So far the US Army did not want to comment on the observation of the UFO nor to confirm whether US Army soldiers have effectively trespassed to recover it and bring it back to an American base.

Local press instead have immediatly talked about the incident, assuming it may have been a rocket launch like thoe launched by SpaceX of the last few months, even without clarifying with certainty what it was.

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