Egypt under the snow: how to distinguish truth from hoaxes

Even in Egypt snow can fall. It may seem to confirm that the climate is now dramatically and perhaps irreversibly changed, or that the end of time is approaching, if you prefer.

Snow in Egypt thanks to Photoshop?

In reality the phenomenon, however unusual, is not so rare not only in Egypt but throughout the Middle East, at least in the mountainous areas. But you must always be wary of the photos circulating on the internet.

For example, the numerous photos of the Giza pyramids covered with snow are all, without exception, the result of elaborations in Photoshop. In fact, just alter the contrast and color balance and what is a photo of the desert from the warm yellow tones seems to become a snowy landscape in black and white.

Reproductions of Tobu Square

For the numerous photos of the snow-covered Sphinx, as well as those of the Abu Simbel temple, it is different: these are images taken at the Japanese theme park in Tobu Square, where the main tourist attractions of the world, including the Egyptian ones, are reproduced in miniature.

If you still have doubts, look at the tourists you see in the pictures: they are always all in the same identical position, they wear light and colorful clothes, they seem disproportionate to the dimensions of the snow crystals. In fact they are scale models, while the snow is real.

The real snowfall of 2013

Then there are numerous images on the web that testify to a real snowfall that hit Egypt in December 2013. It was an extraordinary event but it was limited to a blanket of a couple of centimeters just enough to make a few tiny snowmen on the hoods of cars.

Not enough, however, to reproduce with the snow sphinx or pyramids. Their photos on the net refer to a snowfall near Newcastle upon Tyne (the ancient Roman Novocastro), in England.

Unusual but not impossible event

The snowfall of 2013 certainly annoyed the camels that were in the mountainous region of Sinai, and it also affected many other Middle Eastern states from Israel to Syria to Turkey. However, even in more recent years snowfall has occurred, for example in northern Saudi Arabia.

It has always been the mountainous areas and the precipitation of limited consistency, similar to those that affect Southern Italy every year whitening Vesuvius or Etna for a few hours or days. Although the event is rare, it is certainly not the end of the world. Seeing is believing: click below and enjoy our gallery, here under!

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