russian witches for putin

Russian witches meet for Putin

Vladimir Putin pleases people: the Russian strong man seduced not only politicians like Silvio Berlusconi, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen or Matteo Salvini, but also Russian witches.

The empire of Russian witches supports Putin

Alyona Polynin, leader of “the strongest Russian witches empire”, declared that next February 5th along the Tverskoy Boulevard, one of the biggest avenues in Moscow, the most powerful representatives of their inner circle will gather for “acquire the elemental force” and at the same time to support the political leader.

According to Polynin the strongest Russian witchest empire (this is their site can't remain far from what is happening in the worlde and Russia would be going through a very difficult time, because of a redirection of the forces surroinding it.

Spells and formulas for Russia

I understand that the ignorant will begin to write again that it is necessary to help ordinary people. I'm helping, but now we're talking about globalism” Polynin explained, so to speak, claiming that the date and place of the meeting were not chosen at random.

A similar meeting has already happened in 2017 and in a video that is still circulating on the web it is possible to see how the community representatives wear dark clothes, gather in a circle and read spells, repeating after their leader: “that the power be with us, that can enter us, can be where the sun is, where there is rain, where the wind walks outdoors”.

streghe russe putin

Donald Trump cursed by American witches

Far less fortunate than Putin was Donald Trump: at the end of last October a coven of 60 American witches cursed American president together with the member of the Supreme Court, Brett Cavanaugh, reading in unison spells and waving strange voodoo dolls.

According to the Russian witch the money collected from the participants in the event will be given to charity, but on the web there are those who accuse Alyona Polynin (a nickname hiding the true identity of the “witch”) to have organized the witches empire and its activities for the sole purpose of enriching herself against the most credulous.

alena polynin kristina mandragora

Tarots and charlatans greedy for money

Alena Polynin along with another charlatan with a no less ridiculous nickname, Kristina Mandragora, raise stupid and gullible people to make huge amounts of money” you can read on the site (litterally “complaints and reviews online”).

Alyona Polynin and Christina Mandragora “promise to teach anyone who wants to predict fate through the Tarot cards. But at the same time, if they are asked how to predict luck, the two charlatans begin to say that if you do not have the gift, the prediction of luck is impossible and only they, presumably, possess this gift”.

Other nicknames used by accomplices (or followers if you prefer) of the Polynin would be: Svetlana Fat, Bogdan Velibor, Oksana Gorshenina, Olga Korshunova and Shamil Zinnurov. I wonder if they too will meet in Moscow on February 5th to “support Putin”?

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