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A scary trip underground

Somewhere undefined in the former East Germany there is a forest in which the parents do not allow their children to pass through, due to some pipes sprouting from the ground like periscopes.

In 2015, two boys decided to investigate better which secrets were hidden in that forest. What the two explorers discovered below horrified them and everyone who saw the full gallery, which you can find on Imgurl.

An underground trip

Finding the entrance to the underground complex (whose origin remains uncertain) has not been difficult: it is located a hundred meters from the tubes among the coniferous trees.

The entrance was blocked by a wooden table, but this did not stop the two friends who once put the table and forced the iron, rusty, lock on the did not worry about being trapped inside and started their journey underground.

To avoid getting lost, the guys entering the bunker decided to always go straight without turning to the numerous crossings.

They went through a long series of seemingly endless corridors, like in a hospital with frightening acoustics. However, they had to retrace their steps when they faced a first dead end.

A macabre labyrinth

The two friends soon realized that they were not the first to visit the underground complex recently because of the numerous graffiti on the corridor walls. In the last, they found written “Hilfe” which means “Help” in German.

Was it a macabre warning? A little further on they found a heavy iron door, which however had collapsed to the ground, beyond which they found various other dead ends.

From the writings on the door and on some corridors, in Cyrillic, the two boys thought that the bunker could have been used by Soviet personnel during the cold war, perhaps after being made by Nazis in the Second World War. Trying to explore another room the two boys faced a flooded corridor.

Is there a man sitting in the dark?

From the door, illuminating the room with their torches, the boys saw a heap of debris and trash that at first sight seemed to be the shape of a man sitting in the dark.

They recovered from the fright and realized that they had not returned to explore the complex, but they found themselves in front of another flooded corridor.

Through a square hole in the wall, the two friends managed to take some pictures of another big room flooded that housed a machine that the two explorers could not identify.

With the camera battery almost exhausted, the guys took the last pictures of what looked like a large tank with an access hatch on the ceiling.

Return to the surface

At that point, they had to retrace their steps until the entrance to the bunker. Thus ended the most terrifying journey of their lives without further fright or accident.

No Nazi or Soviet zombie, no ghost, no war device that could explode or otherwise hurt them. Perhaps a little luck, which never hurts.

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  • complesso sotterraneo corridoi
  • complesso sotterraneo vicolo cieco
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  • complesso sotterraneo vicolo cieco allagato
  • L'ingresso al complesso sotterraneo nascosto in una foresta dell'ex Germania dell'Est.
  • Una lunga serie di corridoi apparentemente interminabili.
  • Un primo vicolo cieco. Occorre tornare indietro.
  • Pesante porta di metallo divelta, con scritte in cirillico.
  • Indicazioni sui muri, sempre in cirillico.
  • Hilfe in tedesco significa Aiuto. Un sinistro avvertimento?
  • Avanzando nel complesso sotterraneo si incontrano corridoi parzialmente allagati.
  • E' la sagoma di un uomo seduto nel buio laggiù? No, è solo un mucchio di detriti...
  • Un macchinario non meglio identificato nelle profondità del sottosuolo.
  • Ancora un vicolo cieco. Il viaggio sottoterra è finito, meglio tornare in superficie.

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