Parallel universes exist and could communicate with each other

Parallel universes ? Until yesterday, it seemed like a good idea for Doctor Who series writers, but now scientists are more and more likely to believe that the theory, developed in the fifties by the American mathematician Hugh Everett III, is correct.

If Everett III, who at the time taught at Princeton University, was right and therefore if there were really more universes capable of interacting with each other, this could be done by passing through "muted" black holes particles that Lisa Randall, the first woman to obtain the chair of theoretical physics at Harvard University, called gravitons.

The search for gravitons is underway

Large Hadron Collider

To look for experimental evidence for these theories the Cern put the giant Large Hadron Collider back to work after two years of updating. The collider is the most powerful particle accelerator currently in the world, with which we will also try to give a more precise identity to another mystery around which scientists have been braving for decades, the dark matter.

This if it still exists somewhere in our universe is the result of the very first moments of the "big bang" and can be reproduced in the laboratory only by approaching the conditions existing in those first moments of life of the cosmos, which is only possible within a very powerful particle accelerator.

95% of the universe has yet to be explained

Parallel universes exist

Since stars and planets, comets, space dust and all other forms of matter that we can find usually explains at most 5% of the current universe, 95% is still to explain. Of this about 70% would consist of dark energy and about 25% precisely by dark matter, therefore the Cern experiment is very important to understand in which universe we live, but even if they exist and how they interact with our other universes.

But it did not end here: according to the French researcher Jacques Vallée parallel universes not only exist, but are inhabited, or at least some of them are. According to the scholar, there exists a particular dimension, called "Mainz dimension", able to interact with ours without the need to force black holes and gravitons into play.

Mainz dimension and parallel universes

Parallel universes exist

If it were possible to prove this hypothesis we could discover not only that UFOs exist, but that also characters of myth and folk tales may have had an alien origin, not only in the sense that UFOs, fairies, elves, demigods or ghosts would not have been of this world, but would not have been even of this universe, better not of this dimension. But how would UFOs, fairies and elves do to go from one universe to another?

This not even Jacques Vallée has so far been able to explain it and it is not said that Cern succeeds with its experiment, but it is a fascinating possibility that if it found an experimental confirmation it would allow, after centuries, to rediscover a balance between science and magic, between technology and fantastic storytelling, discovering that perhaps we are for centuries trying to describe, in different ways, phenomena that have different manifestations but a common root.

The dream of the ancient alchemists, at the same time many scientists, artists and magicians, would be realized in a surprising way, after centuries, allowing the world to discover and understand a dark matter even more relevant than the one that the Geneva scientists have been pursuing for decades, with the same commitment with which the alchemists pursued the formula of metal transmutation.

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