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Usa, the chilling statistics of gunshot victims

The latest shootings with dozens of dead in the US reopen the debate on the freedom to buy and hold firearms, but the situation is unlikely to change.

In fact, statistics have been chilling for years, without this being able to shake public opinion, let alone the Republican party, historically allied (and financed) of the National Rifle Association (Nra), the most powerful lobby in America compared to which even the mysterious “secret societies” often cited by lovers of the conspiracy theory, make the figure of amateur clubs.

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Firearms, Gun Violence Archive's statistics

Anyone who wants to see how many deaths are firearms in the United States every year would only have to connect to the site Gun Violence Archive ( to get updated numbers.

As we write this article year to date there have already been more than 49 thousand incidents involving firearms, which caused the death of over 12,500 people and more than 24,200 wounded. The number of children aged up to 11 killed or injured is even more impressive if possible: 571, i.e. 1.82 kids wounded or killed every day since the beginning of 2018.

Equally impressive is the number of boys and girls(12-17 years) wounded or killed: 2,431, i.e. almost 8 per day. In comparison, they were killed in mass shootings like the last ones at the Pittsburgh's synagogue (11 dead) or in a club in Los Angeles (12 dead) are a small fraction, “just” 307 years to date, i.e. a little less than one victim per day.

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Victims in the US increase year after year

If then we look at the circumstances in which such incidents have occurred, we find that more than 1,700 people have already died since the beginning of the year due to a home-based offense, while over 1,500 are the result of defensive use of weapons and almost 1,350 are victims of a shot fired unintentionally.

The worst aspect of the whole affair is that if you compare the numbers of this year with those of the past years, you can see that accidents, injuries, and deaths continue to increase year after year, without anyone doing anything.

In 2014 over 44,800 incidents with firearms made almost 12,500 dead and about 22,900 injured, in 2015 about 53.800 incidents killed over 13,500 people and wounded over 27,000, in 2016 the accidents reached almost 59,000, the dead exceeded 15,100 and the injured were more than 30,600, last year accidents came to almost 61,900, the dead exceeded 15,600, the injured were over 31,250.

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Despite the numbers, the desire for firearms is growing

Thus, in three years, accidents involving firearms have increased by 38%, dead increased by 25%, injure by 36%. And nobody has done anything, beyond expressing disdain, inflate the chest, cry, promise an even harsher response to those who use the weapons to kill and not to defend themselves.

Despite such monstrous numbers, not only carrying a weapon remains am “inviolable right” to which the Americans, at least those who in their life have never been involved in a gunfight, do not seem to want to give up, but there are other countries where political leaders propose to liberalize the sale of arms broadening the definition of “legitimate defense”.

And what's worse, there are voters who find everything normal, in America as elsewhere, without thinking that the next victim of a firearm could be his own son or daughter, as some trolls on Fanwave's fanpage on Facebook tried to sustain that Fbi's numbers showed a decline in the victims in these years. Too bad that the FBI data are in agreement with those of Gun Violence Archive, take a look here if you like.

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