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Cats: protectors of the house from evil spirits

Dogs and cats lovers appreciate them for the affection they can show their human companions, for the company and the joy they are able to give.

But not everyone knows that cats in particular (by the way, if you want here you find gorgeous pictures of dogs and cats) seem to be carriers of positive energy, of good vibrations that they transfer to the owners, to their family and to the house in which they live.

Cats in ancient Egypt

The first cats were domesticated in ancient Egypt from the African wild cat about 10 thousand years ago and they were immediately appreciated for the ability to hunt harmful rodents, but also to kill poisonous snakes such as cobras and other animals that are harmful to humans, so that they ended up being venerated within a few centuries.

cats ancient Egypt

The combination of cats and the kingdom of the dead dates back to ancient Egypt: in the Book of the Dead, in fact, they talk about the “Great Heliopolis cat” keeper of the Ished tree (the tree of eternal life and knowledge) who at night gave battle, defeating him, to the Apopi snake demon.

If the owner was rich enough, the cat had the right to be mummified and buried as in the case of Myt, cat of the crown prince Thutmose (by some indicated as Thutmose V, even if he never came to reign as dead before his father, the pharaoh Amenothep III) whose stone sarcophagus was found in the necropolis of Menphis.

Protecting cats against negative energies

In our day, some believe that cats transfer their astral energy by rubbing against their human companions. Sensitive to the spirit world, cats would sometimes assume curious attitudes, such as staring at a point, or sitting in a corner of the house for a long time, as they would be able to perceive their presence in an environment and filter out any negative energies so that they do not disturb the life of their family and the home in which they live.

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In short, if you believe it when your cat fixes a point in space for a long time and seems to be on guard even if there is nothing you can see, he would be perceiving a presence or energies unrelated to the home and his human family. And since the world is full of envious and negative people, having a cat at home could help you avoid these latent dangers.

If you feel you are the object of envy and negative attention and see your cat in alarm, caress him so that he can transmit his positive energy. If you do not believe the spirits, your cat will not take it badly and will continue to show your affection with great tolerance: after all, it's not your fault if you're not a cat, right?

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