Nadine Lalich alien abductions

Alien abductions: the Nadine Lalich case

There are many testimonies of those who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens, despite a clear slowdown in the number of sighting UFOs in recent years.

Even the fact that the opening of many secret military archives has revealed that, at least apparently, even governments and armies of half the world are groping in the dark about the nature of the unidentified flying objects that have appeared over the last few decades on the skies of all the world does not seem to diminish the number of those who claim to have had a close contact.

Who is Nadine Lalich

One of the most sensational cases, to be envied by Roger Leir, the famous surgeon who claimed to have removed dozens of alien implants of whom Fanwave , remains that of Nadine Lalich, una americana autrice di libri, artista-designer, a business woman who in her book “Alien Experiences: 25 Cases of Close Encounter”, tells a series of exceptional meetings of which she was the protagonist.

Nadine Lalich

Kidnapped by the aliens

Starting from 1991 Nadine Lalich, without having to resort to regressive hypnosis, gradually remembered almost all her adventures related to “extraterrestrial beings”. In her book, Nadine talks about the devices used by the aliens to study the Terrans: “one of these devices has a chair to access the back: it is a normal sized chair made of a material similar to acrylic, but it has a shape similar to that of a barrel with a back that reaches the floor and is slightly concave inside. In the middle there is a hole of about 20 × 25 centimeters, which allows access to the life of a person sitting on a chair”.

Not very reassuring chairs

Nadine recalled being put on this chair “as paralyzed” and to have seen a grey alien run “some painful procedures on my loin, perhaps grafted a plant under the skin or even in the spinal cord”.

Another “chair” used by aliens according to Nadine “resembles those in dentists' studios” with the back “several inches above the head, so the subject can not have looked back”. “I saw a man planted in this chair screaming in horror”, then three grey aliens would start experimenting on the human head and hands, says Nadine.

Nasal implant

In a subsequent abduction Nadine claims to have been placed on a table, two round containers of transparent glass were placed: one of the receptacles, about two centimeters deep and more than six in diameter, would have been covered by a lid through which the woman saw what she believed to be a caterpillar about 2.5 centimeters long.

It would have been in reality, as Nadine Lalich herself later discovered, of a sort of tiny comb much smaller in size, perhaps only three millimeters long. This implant would have been inserted into the nasal cavity of the woman.

How conditioning takes place

According to Nadine the gray aliens would use at least two different devices to influence the subconscious of people who intend to kidnap or have kidnapped: once she saw a rectangular box of about 30x10x2.5 cm of transparent material, which when opened, began to shine from the inside.

It contained thin, translucent sheets, sewn on one side, like pages of a book, and on them were some symbols covered by a transparent and glittering film. For Nadine this film contains information and when she was ordered to focus on these symbols she would have unconsciously absorbed some information.

A future alien invasion

Another “programming device” it's a series of ten “transparent tubes” tall between 15 and 45 centimeters, resplendent from the inside and filled with liquid. From these “tubes” sounds of different frequencies came. According to Nadine with these devices, the aliens induce certain behaviors in the subconscious of the humans who intend to study.

Last but not least impressive, the aliens during their of“conditioning” sessions would ahve shows on a screen scenes of a possible future invasion of the earth, to demonstrate how they would have no problem in reducing any resistance to zero in a short time. Will it be true?

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