Kola pyramids and Hyperborea

Kola pyramids and the legendary Hyperborea

Was the peninsula of Kola the true birthplace of humanity? Some experts have long supported it according to whom the first and most ancient human civilization, to which the Greek myth of Hyperborea would refer, would have developed in this region.

The Hyperborea myth

In support of this thesis, which recalls the myth of Hyperborea, a faraway land north of Greece which according to Herodotus would have been a “perfect” country, illuminated by the shining sun for six months a year, would be the results of the Russian Hyperborea-98 expedition sent to the Kola Peninsula exactly in 1998.

On the slope of the Ninchurta mountain, archaeologists have discovered a stone wall, while near the Holy Lake an ancient stone with a regular geometric shape has been found with a cavity inside, at the bottom of which were embers, perhaps traces of an ancient magical ritual.

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Kola pyramids

Another important discovery was the discovery of the remains of an ancient observatory: some pyramids made by man and a 15-meter tank with two indicators. The age of the pyramids has been estimated at least 9,000 years, therefore they would be far earlier than the Egyptian ones. Furthermore, the shape of the pyramid recalls the Meru Mountain, also known as the “axis of the world”.

These and other discoveries would seem to confirm the idea that the ancestors of the human race came from the north and that a natural catastrophe forced them to migrate. Already in the early 1920s, a scientific expedition led by a famous researcher and writer Alexander Barchenko carried out research in the Kola peninsula.

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According to Barchenko Kola was Hyperborea

The Barchenko (Bolshevik expert, imprisoned and shot in 1938) hypothesis it was that humanity originated in the north about 10-12,000 years ago; the downpour of which the Bible also speaks then forced the “hyperborean” tribes to leave the area of the current Kola peninsula to move south.

Barchenko was also convinced that the Hyperboreans were a highly developed civilization: according to the researcher, they knew the secret of atomic energy and how to build and control flying vehicles.

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Hyperborea also fascinates the Masons

Barchenko derived these convictions from the available Masonic literature and he also believed that the carriers of the ancient knowledge of Hyperborea were Saami shamans who lived in the Kola peninsula.

So far they seemed only suggestions and legends, now the results of field research seem to confirm that at least in part the myth of Hyperborea has a real basis and that it could actually be found in the present Kola peninsula.

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