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Iron throne, last secret of the Khufu Pyramid?

Better than Game of Thrones: a real iron throne would already have been done in ancient Egypt, perhaps exploiting the metal fallen from the sky with a meteorite.

Khufu pyramid, the last secret remains

The fascinating theory is of an Italian expert, Giulio Magli, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Archaeoastronomy Professor of Politecnico di Milano based on the results of a project, ScanPyramids.

ScanPyramids was realized by a group of archaeologists led by Mehdi Tayoubi (Hip Institute, in Paris) and Kunihiro Morishima (Nagoya University, in Japan), and already revealed the existence of a secret room inside the Khufu great pyramid.

A secret room above the large gallery

This pyramid was built around 2,550 BC. and it is one of the largest and most complex monuments ever built by man, rich in interior rooms accessible via narrow ducts (the main of which is enlarged before reaching the funeral chamber giving life to the “great gallery”).

The secret room at least 30 meters long, discovered by Tayoubi and Morishima at the end of one of the four small channels inside the pyramid (the one pointing north), behind a door still sealed, should be between the large gallery and the apex of the pyramid. Cheope piramide mistero trono di ferro

Does the secret room contain an iron throne?

Inside, according to the Italian expert, there could be an iron throne, an object that according to the ancient Egyptian religion was used by the pharaoh to ascend to Heaven.

This throne, if it really will be found, could be like a form similar to that of Khufu's mother, Queen Hetepheres (rebuilt by Harvard University). Unlike this one, instead of being covered with gold foils, it should be covered with sheets of meteoritic iron.

Meteoritic iron for ritual objects

It is iron with a high percentage of nickel coming from ferrous meteorites, that the Egyptians knew many centuries before Khufu ruled so much to be mentioned several times in the texts of the pyramids.

Its origin induced ancient Egyptians to use it for special ritual objects, destined for pharaohs' life in the afterlife, as for the famous dagger of Tutankhamon.

Certainly, the pyramid scan (which exploited the muons, particles produced by the clash of cosmic rays with the atmosphere), has already highlighted how the secret room “it is located along the north-south axis of the pyramid, which has a particular symbolic meaning”.

Cheope piramide mistero trono ferro grafico

It would take one last exploration

According to ancient Egyptian religious texts, in fact, “the soul of the deceased pharaoh would have taken his place among the stars that never die, that is, the circumpolar ones of the constellations of the Bear and the Dragon, after crossing the gates of the sky” sitting on his iron throne, in fact.

The last word is now up to the Egyptian authorities, which will have to evaluate whether to grant a new exploration of the North tunnel and the possibility to pierce the port that seals the ends, so as to let a probe enter the secret room and try to find out if it really hides a treasure represented by an iron (meteoritic or not) throne.

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