Apocalypse 2025

Apocalypse: alien demons will hit in 2025

According to the theory of a group of Christian fundamentalists, alien "demons" will come down to earth to put an end to humanity when Virgo constellation will appear in the sky after a solar eclipse in the United States.

Christian fundamentalists: close apocalypse

Events that according to the militant Christian blog Signposts of the Times should happen, respectively 8 April 2024 and 23 September 2025.

This would be the "great sign" of which the Apocalypse (12: 1) talks when it refers to a woman who appeared in the sky (i.e. Virgo constellation).

Trump's work is also a sign of the end

According to this apocalyptic vision, also Donald Trump's trip to promote a peace proposal between North and South Korea is a confirmation of the imminent Apocalypse since it will be followed by the initiative of another world leader (maybe Vladimir Putin, like Trump suspect reptilian?) who will reach an agreement for a seven-year peace period worldwide.

But all this, explains Signposts of the Times, will actually be the last stratum of the Antichrist which will be followed by the total destruction of the world.

In the Bible, in fact, we read "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Mt 5,9), but also that if everyone starts talking about "peace and security", that sound similar to "law and order" Trump often recalls, a sudden destruction will come.

Apocalisse 2025

Apocalypse in 2025 according to Rabbi Berger

Slightly different, but certainly not more benevolent, the interpretation is given by the Israeli Rabbi Yosef Berger. According to him, the Apocalypse will occur as early as 2022, when a star appears in the sky.

Star that according to the astronomers of the Calvin College (founded by Reformed Christian Church in 1876) it would actually be a pair of stars from the Cygnus constellation (also known as KIC 9832227) destined to merge and then explode like a red nova, becoming a luminous object at least as Sirius.

If this is the "sign" it must be said that it is not so rare: it has already happened recently, in 2008, to another couple of stars, in Scorpi constellation (also known as V1309).

Nevertheless, both Berger and Christian fundamentalists seem convinced that the Apocalypse is inevitable and that it will come as a result of an extraterrestrial invasion, or of interdimensional beings at the service of Satan that will appear from the sky and will come down on the Earth.

Apocalisse 2025 bis

The last battle of Earth

The seven angels mentioned by Daniel (7,13) refer to them, destined to pour the contents of seven golden cups filled with the wrath of God.

At that point, three "unclean spirits" (world leaders allies of Satan, or the Antichrist) will gather their armies for one last great war which according to some recalls the events narrated in the Mahabharata and which will destroy the planet.

In our eyes, it might seem the attempt to join forces to defend oneself from an alien invasion, in the eyes of Christian and Jewish fundamentalists it would be only the useless attempt of the guilty ones (humanity that does not believe in the God of the Old Testament) to avoid a "proper" divine punishment.

Given the growing radicalization of society, in America and beyond, and the clashes that this causes more and more frequently, perhaps the Apocalypse hypothesis is not so absurd, even if alien demons do not come to Earth.

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