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Royal weddings, find out differences!

Royal weddings fascinate millions of people around the world. The British Royals know this very well, and as is also demonstrated by Harry and Kate wedding can turn these events into real businesses.

No ruler has been married since 1840

Every royal wedding (but to marry are heirs to the throne and not ruler at least since 1840 when was queen Victoria to marry) follows a severe ceremonial, yet everyone is different from the others.

Limiting ourselves to examining the weddings of the current royal family, the most popular church was Westminster Abbey, where married the then princess (now queen) Elizabeth II, her sister Margaret, her daughter Anne, her son Andrew and her grandson William.

royal weddigs churches

Three churches for eight marriages

Charles, son of Elizabeth and heir to the throne (now become the English royal that longer in history has retained this title in addition to those of Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Prince of Wales), to marry lady Diana Spencer chosen St Paul’s Cathedral.

His second son Harry marrying Rachel Meghan Markle preferred instead Windsor Castle St George’s Chapel, like already his uncle Edward (the youngest of the sons of Elizabeth II).

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The groom always in uniform

Regarding the different dresses of the brides, we could write an encyclopedia, as for the groom traditionally they wear their military uniform.

Philip Mountbatten getting married to Elizabeth was wearing a lieutenant's uniform with medals earned in combat in the Mediterranean with the Royal Navy during World War II.

royal weddigs uniforms

Red and blue predominate

Mark Phillips, Princess Anne's first husband, wore the red officer's uniform from the Queen's first Dragons regiment (together with that of the Royal horse Guards part of the famous Blues and Royals).

Charles, like his brother Andrew, opted as his father for the blue uniform of Royal Navy lieutenant. William returned to a red Irish Guards Mounted Officer, while that time Harry, his best man, wore a blue one like Captain of Blues and Royals.

royal weddigs kisses

Increasingly photogenic kisses

With reversed roles, both sported the uniform of Major of Blues and Royals in blue doeskin. As for the first kiss of royal spouses, the custom is relatively recent: Charles and Diana were the first ones, on Buckingham Palace balcony, at first with a hand-kissing then with a passionate kiss.

Kisses from the balcony also for Charles' brother, Andrew, and Edward, as well as for William. Not having married in London Harry broke tradition (it won't be the last time) and did not wait, kissing Kate just at the exit of the church.

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