Hermann and Albert Göring

Hermann and Albert Göring, opposite decisive choices

How important family education is and how much environment, and acquaintances, in shaping a person's awareness? The question remains unanswered because there were cases like one of Hermann and Albert Göring brothers: the first was a passionate Nazi, the latter chose to be pacifist and dissident.

Göring, an infamous family name

Göring family name is infamous in the last century because of the outrages committed by Hermann Göring, one of the most loyal supporters of Adolf Hitler since the very first.

Appointed Reichsmarschallfor his absolute sharing of the cornerstones of Nazism, Hermann was the architect of the rebirth of the German air force (Luftwaffe) and secret police (Gestapo, that in 1933 replaced the previous Prussian political police and in 1934 was entrusted by Göring to the guide of Heinrich Himmler).

Was Hermann Göring himself, on the order of Hitler, to give order to setup concentration and extermination camps in order to arrive at the “final solution to the problem of Judaism”, starting, in particular, the creation of the one of Oranienburg. Was always Hermann Göring to direct the genocide of the SAs of Ernst Röhm in the "night of the long knives", between June 29 and June 30, 1934.

Hermann Goring

At the end of Second World War, after a failed attempt, to bolster himself as Hitler's successor for dealing with the surrender of Germany, escaped to a death sentence by SS on order by Hitler's private secretary and his archrival, Martin Bormann, Göring was then sentenced to death at the end of Norimberga trial, choosing then to commit suicide following that the Court had refused his request to be shot, confirming the sentence for hanging.

Hermann Göring passionate Nazi, Albert Göring dissident pacifist

What is not well known is that Hermann had a younger brother, Albert Günther Göring (the last of Heinrich Ernst Göring's five kids), who was exactly his opposite.

Pacifist and opposed to all form of violence, Albert Göring rather resembled in nature to his godparent, the nobleman of Jewish origin Ritter Hermann von Epenstein.

Albert Goring

Movie developer, Albert did everything in his power to stop the Nazi party, also helping many Jewish families, as one of his former boss Oskar Pilzer, to escape from Germany.

His dissident political activity, although “high-profile”, intensified when he was appointed as export manager of Skoda Works in what was then Czechoslovakia, by promoting small acts of sabotage and keeping in contact with Czech resistance.

Albert Göring broke Jewish out of camps took by his brother

Albert Göring falsified many times his brother's signature on transit documents to allow dissidents to escape, also sending several times trucks to concentration camps with a call for workers.

Trucks that then stopped in isolated locations to allow occupants to escape. Hermann and Albert Göring: two brothers raised in the same way, but who did fundamentally different choices in front of absolute evil of the 20th century, Nazism.

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