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To the stars academy: aliens, secrets and singers

In December 2017 it made sensation the spreading by Pentagon of videos recorded by two F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters, piloted by commander David Frevor and lieutenant commander Jim Slate, off the coast of San Diego, in 2014, in wich appeared an Ufo (litterally: unidentified fliying object) hovering at 24 kilometers.

New video by Pentagon regarding Ufos

As Fanwave already referred last December, according to Fravor the Ufo was “white and it was Tic-Tac shaped, of the same dimension of an Hornet, 12 meters long but with no wings, hovering near the water”. The first related tapes were published in support of some articles on what happened published on the New York Times and then relaunched by the main worldwide television broadcasters, from Cnn to Bbc. A few days ago, March 10, Pentagon offered an "encore" spreading another movi, this one.

The Pentagon research programme

In its follow-ups the New York Times pointed out also the existence of a “covered” programme, partly still sealed, known as Advanced Aviation Threat Identification, launched four years after the close encounter of Frevor and Slate upon request of Nevada Democratic senator Harry Reid who wanted it assigned to Bigelow Aerospace owned by his billionaire friend Robert Bigelow.

Bigelow built a warehouse for the programme where to store materials from fallen or shot down Ufos and collected videos, audio tracks, military witnesses but also the result of tests on civils whom would have reported physical troubles following Ufos encounters. From Bigelow the management of the program, officially finished in 2012, passed to the Pentagon directly, while some o the men who worked on this have constituted a private the stars academy

The role of To the Stars Academy

This company, to which the diffusion of the new Pentagon video is owed, is called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and officially debuted last year, proposing to continue the reasearch asking for new financings. Promoters of such an initiative have been the former secret service director Luis Elizondo, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (and former Minority Staff Director, Senate Intelligence Committee) Christopher Mellons, sacientist specielised in physics of spaceflight energy and propulsion Hal Puthoff and Tom DeLonge, who in the nineties was the guitar man and co-frontrunner for Blink 182.

DeLonge, specifically, is a passionate ufologist, put rerefences to extraterrestrials in the texts of some of his songs and would also has been witness of a “close encounter” with a group of aliens while camping, in 2015, in Nevada, not too far from Area 51. As revealed some mails leaked by WikiLeaks in 2016, DeLonge had been in correspondence with Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, discussing the Ufos phenomenon, he published a book on this subject entitled Sekret Machines, and should realize a short movie concerning Ufos by year end.Tom Delonge

Roswell, aliens and secrets fascinate Americans

According to DeLonge, Nazi were involved in Roswell incident, Cold War was part of a massive world-wide extraterrestrials cover-up, Us government is in possession of alien technology and extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth for decades, even genetically tampering with the human species.

Is all this just a nice story or is there something real? For sure To the Stars, Academy of Arts and Science has raised almost 2.4 million dollars so far (versus a declared target of 200 million) and is ready to leverage on the interest surrounding Ufos phenomenon in the Us, where according to a 2017 survery by 21st Century Fox 47% of people believe in aliens and 39% believe that aliens have visited Earth. Business is sure, the trutgh who knows.

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