Pentagon ufos identification program

UFOs: Pentagon admits identification program

The US Army believes in UFOs, so much that from 2007 to 2012 the Defence, as revealed a New York Times's article,  funded a secret program to investigate the unidentified flying objects with a budget of 22 million dollars.

UFOs: New York Times finds witnesses

A former secret service official, Luis Elizondo, confirmed it to the prestigious American newspaper adding that he resigned just because he couldn't take any more with secrets and silence which ended up with limit funding the program had access.

New York Times cites two more Us Navy pilots who confirmed many sightings of flying saucers able to accelerate in a second at sublight speed.

Particularly a case would have occurred in 2004 when some Us Navy units patrolling the Pacific would have come into contact with something that can be described as a UFO.

Pentagon AAITP

Pentagon confirms the existence of the program

This time the Pentagon confirmed the existence of the program, named Advanced aerospace threat identification program, pointing out btw that funds ceased in 2012.

Other sources mentioned by the New York Times sustain btw that the program after public money ceased has been conducted by Cia and military secret services.

According to the two pilots (commander David Fravor and lieutenant commander Jim Slaight), for a couple of weeks the radars of their units, sailing 100 miles off the American coast, registered “flying objects that suddenly appeared at 80,000 feet, and then hurtled toward the sea, eventually stopping at 20,000 feet and hovering. Then, as they appeared, they kept disappearing”.

Pentagon AAITP F 18

Contact over Pacific

Sent for patrolling on board of their fighters, when pilots arrived at the cap point (i.e. the rendezvous point where the unknown object was reported to be), there were no signs of the UFO, neither on the radars of their fighters.

Instead, they saw frothy waves and foam, as if the water were boiling (but it was a calm that day). Then suddenly the object was back.

Fravor, in particular, saw “50 feet above the churn” a flying object “whitish, that was around 40 feet long and oval in shape”, that first began ascending toward him, then peeled away and “accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen”.

Was it an alien UFO, or a new US stealth aircraft, or of another nation? At the moment neither the New York Times was able to find it out.

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