Make love not war

Make love, not war

"Make love, not war" asked English students in the summer of 1968 and maybe it's time that we follow their advice even 40 years later. What would you choose between a possible nuclear war US-North Korea which could end up involving even neighboring states like Japan, China and Russia (with the risk of making it happen the prophecy indicating 2017 as the year in which the Third World War will break out) and some pleasant moments with your partner?

Ramos makes more sensation than Kim Jong-un?

Yet in these weeks it seems to make more sensation the story of Laura Ramos, 31-year-old married special education teacher at Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, rather than the repeated provocations of Kim Jong-un, who did run an underground atomic test so powerfull to cause a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shock, followed by a second earthquake shock of 4.6 magnitude (to better understand: the earthquake chock which made some houses collapsed in Casamicciola, on Ischia island in Italy, was a 4 magnitude shock).

Kim Jon un atomic

Theacher hungry for sex

What did Ramos do to end up under the spotlight of the world press? She was charged of second-degree sexual assault (if you wanna know what this means, follow this link: for having sexual relations with some of her studs. In essence the professor, mother of a young child, is believed to having had sex with at least four students, though she has only been formally charged in connection to two, because her "man" or "guy" did not want "to have sex or do anything with her anymore".

Laura Ramos

Sex with four students

Her students conforted the woman btw: Ramos and a 18-year-old student were surprised at a parking lot by an institute official while they were having sex in the car of the teacher), but according to what is emerging from the trial Ramos in the previous months would have "weaned" at least three other students.

 parcheggio malandrino

Better make love than the WW III

While it is certainly a priority to protect the proper development of sexuality in our boys and girls and their defense against any sexual predators, who have never had a crush on his/her own teacher or ever dreamed of having a sexual relationship with some particularly nice substitute? Certainly more than any who have dreamed of playing to Dr. Strangore and trigger a nuclear war. Hopefully even Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will be of the same opinion and they will prefer to continue to make love rather than war.

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