Stones of the first encounter

Mexico: found in some caves the stones of the first encounter

A disturbing discovery was made inside an underground caves complex in Mexico, near the boundary between Veracruz and Puebla states: over some Jada stones were found engravings that seem to represent ufo and aliens.

Just a little detail: the stones would go back to Mayan times and could be a confirmation (should the studies that will now be conducted will be a positive outcome) of ancient contact between the human race and ancient humanoid astronauts coming from the space.

The discovery would date back to March 2017 but only a few days ago Javier Lopez Diaz (Cinco Radio's journalist) spread the first images, that you can see in this article.

java stone first meeting cinco radio

Many engraved Jada stones

The stones are numerous and have various engraved designs: In particular on one of these stones, which apparently has been broken because of previous incursions into the caves by “treasure hunters”, seems to be depicted the top of an UFO, as well as an alien and a Mayan tribal leader who would seem to have an ear of wheat in his hand, as well as additional other symbols still to be deciphered.

The stones of the first encounter

The authenticity of these engravings seems to be confirmed by the fact that exploration of the caves has led to the discovery of other pictograms on the walls of the caves and the fact that the local population gave a name to these mysterious jade evidence: “the stones of the first encounter”. It would not be the first rock cuts which seem to talk to us about a paleo contact.

java stones first meeting cinco radio

Other historical evidences

Like Fanwave already told you, at Baalbek, in Lebanon, rather then at Sego Canyon, Utah, and even in Valcamonica amazing discoveries have been made over the years which, according to many experts, ready to evaluate less "orthodox" hypotheses than those commonly accepted, may be indications of ancient contacts between human race and visitors coming from space.

We have therefore to wait for the outcome of further studies that Mexican scientists will now have to conduct to see if it is just a fake, as some think, or the testimony of rituals or mythological representations of Mayan culture, or if we really are in front of another x-file of which human history appears to be full.

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