Anonymous and the alien life

Anonymous and the confirmation of alien life

Did Anonymous hack Nasa and revealed to the world how the american space agency is about to give the loud announcement to have evidence of the existence of alien life? Judging by the media clamor with which in recent days the news has rebounded on the main web media, starting from The Sun, the Mirror and the Inquisitr, beside the Italian version of Huffingtonpost it would seem so, yes.

NASA denies but…

NASA's obviously denies, and so far confirms only the discovery thanks to Kepler space telescope of another 219 esoplanets, 10 of which seems similar enough to Earth to host life. But what few has noticed, in all this story, is that the alleged Anonymous Youtube channel which spread the news, Anonymous Global, is not the official channel of the famous hackers group (which is instead this one) where there is no talk in any way regarding UFOs and aliens, while on Anonymous Global is not the first time they are talking aboutUFO sightingsand extraterrestrials.

Anonymous logo

Congrats to Anonymous Global

In short: congrats to the Youtuber who taken advantage opportunistically a denomination similar to those of the famous hackers group (which has also an official site, where, equally, there is no evidence of the news of the alleged hack regarding what NASA would be covering) has already reached the target of over 100 thousand users registered to the channel, vs over 1.5 million of registered users for the official Anonymous channel, and of over 23 thousand views of the video in which he “complaints” NASA's attempt to cover up the news of alien life's discovery. Unfortunately, there is simply no news at all.

Thomas Zurbuchen's audition

More: even if he was really an affiliate to Anonymous, as it would mean in his own site, this Youtuber in his video does not reveal any “secret” document, nor evidence of any hack to NASA, he just reveal news already known and publicly spread, as the speech of professorThomas Zurbuchen, NASA's Science Mission Directorate associate, who in an audition to the US Congress regarding “American Science, Space and Technology” (that you can find here) said to be confident that “we are on the verge of making one of the most profound and unprecedented discoveries in history” regarding evidence of alien life.

Anonymous Nasa

Search for alien life goes on

Zurbuchen during his audition remembered all the “different activities and missions” that NASA is conducting regarding specifically searching for evidence of alien life, but he could not say if and when will be possibile to give the expected announcement. With 100 billion galaxies each containing over 100 billion solar systems it's only probabilistic calculation thinking that Earth can not be the only planet in which life developed. That this means that tomorrow NASA can announce that aliens exist and, better, they are already among us under lies, is not a matter that Anonymous Global has been able to reveal to the world.

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