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The global flood: a divine or alien punishment?

There are many stories regarding the Biblical global food, not just in the Jewish and Christian tradition which refers to Noah as builder, on Heavens mandate, of an ark with which he saves his family and all the animals of the Earth, but even ancient Sumerians, Babylonians and Akkadians texts, as well as Egyptians, Greeks, Irish, Chinese, Maori and even Aztecs. It’s just a myth or really did a cataclysm upset the world thousands of years ago?

Global flood as divine punishment

Sofar archaeologists’ official answer has been: there is no evidence of biblical global flood. But could it be something truth falsifying the archaeological records? A casual spread of the myth of global flood from one part of the world to another seems unlikely, especially since all ancient texts referring to it describe it as a divine punishment.

Therefore, some start to believe that the ancient catastrophes was an act of aliens believed to be gods or mythological creatures and not the punishment of divine beings. These all lead to the question of the purpose of such “punishment” to humanity: maybe the wish to mould a “new” humanity cancelling the “old” one, as in the biblical myth?

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Myth spread over this entire Earth

The Sumerians believed that the god Enki had warned Ziusudra, king of Shuruppak, of such the decision of gods to destroy humanity with a global flood, enlightened him to build a large boat. After the havoc Ziusudra got the eternal life. The Babylonians have a similar story as the Sumerians, but in their case it reveals that the boat have rested on the top of a mountain after the flood, detail taken back then in the Bible.

The Akkadians had a slightly different version of the story: the god Ea order Ziusudra to dismantle his  own house, made of reeds, and to build a boat to escape the flood that god Enlil, bothered by the noise of the cities, want to send for eliminating the humanity.

When the flood begins, “the corpses fill the river as dragonflies”, but after seven days flood stops, Enlil is angry but Ea openly challenge him declaring he wants to preserve what remains of humanity. At the end the two gods agree regarding how to control human populations: there will be a global flood every 1,200 years.

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From Europe to Asia, from Australia to America

Even ancient Egyptians knew the myth of global flood, but ancient texts regarding it could not be recovered. Instead the Greeks told as Deucalion and Pirra, two old married people son respectively of Prometheus and Epimetheus were selected to survive the great flood and to recreate humans from the stones.

For the Irish, according to Lebor Gabála Érenn, the first inhabitants of Ireland, led by Noah’s grandchild, Cessair, were quite completely wiped out by a flood shortly after to have reached the island, with only a survivor. It kept happening again after Partholon’s and Nemed’s people reached the Island, but this time there were some thirty survivors.

Two slightly different versions of global food are described in the Indian holy texts Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa nd Bhāgavata Purāṇa, while a lot of Chinese legends talk about colossal floods, some of which seem a global flood, with even a reference to divinities (acting through dragons, their intermediaries with the humanity). References to the global flood also appear in Indochina, Malesia, in some Australian aboriginal legends and in the New Zealand Maori tradition.

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What has removed the evidence?

According to Hawaiians myth, gods caused a global flood and only Nu’u was saved building a big boat where all the animals were hosted. Mayas talks about a great flood of black rain, sent by the god Haracan to destroy the wood men, while for the Aztecs world was divided into ages and the last one would be finished with a global flood at the hands of god Chalchitlicue.

Evidence of Noah’s ark have been looked for years among the mountains of the Anatolia as well as on the floor of seas and oceans all around the world, with results at least conflicting. But then how is it possible that quite every ancient human culture bring the story of global flood, just changing only few details?

This way we cannot excape the conclusion that, maybe, we all really are “stellar children”, having somebody decided (gods or aliens that you wanted to call them), thousands of years ago, that to start from scratch was better. Is it the truth that no one still has been able to prove?

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