Medjugorje, it was not the Holy Virgin

Medjugorje, it was not the Holy Virgin

The Holy Virgin never appeared in Medjugorje. To affirm this truth is the bishop of Mostar, Ratko Peric, under whose jurisdiction the city of the presumed Holy Virgin apparitions reverts. In a long article entitled “Medjugorje “apparitions” in the first seven days” Peric reiterates that even those that the commission established by Benedict XVI in 2010 and led by Cardinal Camillo Ruini thought could be elements of supernatural origins, are not.

It was not the Holy Virgin

Monstar bishop declares to be “an ambiguous figure” the one that “self-declared” visionaries claimed to have seen and heard. This female figure, differently from the other apparition believed to be authentic by the Catholic Church, usually does not speak first, laugh strangely, disappear at certain questions and then come back again, seems to obey to the “self-declared” clairvoyants, seems to have shown a “strange trembling” the very first day.

And more: some of the visionaries stated to have seen even the figure of a child near the female figure, while the other never saw him, the messages referred by the visionaries appear to be conflicting, there would had been “scandalous touches” by some people of the crowd not limited to the stretched veil, but even to the body of the appeared female figure, an “unusual and very serious” fact. Last but not least details, Medjugorje pastor seems to have “obliged” the appeared female figure to descend from the hill to the church.

Medjugorje lights

False prophets or alien contacts?

But then what was it really? “False prophets” who “seems lambs, good sheep, but are ravening wolves” as already said Pope Francis, appeared to be very determined to stop the Medjugorje business? Or something different, maybe an apparition like that of the Mons’ Angels, which some people consider to be an exemple of alien contact?

Female figures apparitions, wound by a light, human-shaped but with a very fair skin and slight appearance, been found not inconsistent with the possibility of contacts with Nordic aliens (or “Pleiadians”).

In this case what for the Catholic Church seem to be contradictory compared to the features of genuine apparitions recognized by the Church could be totally justifiable, while the “self-declared” seers could have been, at least initially, in good faith. Than later a business between the profane and the sacred has been built up would be no novelty, even for the Catholic Church.

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