UFOs and strange lights in the sky over Italy

UFOs spotted in the sky over Italy

UFOs, flying saucers and alleged extraterrestrial beings sightings are frequent in the US, with about 2,500 sightings reported every 10 million people according to data elaborated by Vizthis, i.e. about 500 times the UFOs sightings reported in Asia, Africa and Russia, where there are on average less than 5 sightings every 0 every 10 million people.

Are sightings decreasing in Italy?

In Italy the phenomenon seems decreasing in recent years, with just 2 sightings reported by Italian Air Force in 2015 compared to 8 sightings reported in 2014 (2016 figures are not released yet) and compared to 455 sightings reported in the latest 42 years (from 1972 to 2014), which means on average over 10 sightings a year over the period.

Accordingly to Vizthis numbers, over the years sightings around the world, even in Italy, gradually changed their nature: UFOs, triangle, ovoid or cigar shaped (like the historical 1933 Milan UFO) were replaced by sightings of “strange lights” in the sky which seem not to be traceable to airplane or satellite transits.

Two debated cases

In Italy among the latest sightings caused quite a stir the case of alleged UFO spotted May 28, 2915 over Carlo III square, in Naples, which btw the “photobuster” Paolo Bertotti explained being most likely Venus, strongly blurred and caught on a catadioptrics lens.

More interesting was the video made by Marco Mazzarella on July 12, 2016, which seems to show a real UFO flying in the late afternoon over Mount Somma, near the Vesuvius. Even in this case there is however the chance that it was just International space station, a satellite or a high-altitude flight.

San Giorgio a Cremano’s UFO

These days, a boy from San Giorgio a Cremano (near Naples), Marco di Somma, shoooted with his smartphone a strange flying object, with white flashing lights incompatible with those standard for air navigation, appearing and disappearing and which seems heading towards the close (around 7 km as the crow flies) Napoli Capodichino airport. Take a look.

Cufom experts have ruled out it could be a weather balloon, stains on the lens or birds, while the path followed seems not to be totally consistent with standard airport approach route, but it cannot be excluded that it was a drone or an airplane visually approaching. At the end, the mystery of UFO sightings in the world and in Italy too remains, net of hoaxes and rational explanations.

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