videos with ghosts and hoaxes

Videos with ghosts: identifying hoaxes is not so easy

Paranormal phenomena fascinate the men for a long time, but skeptics remain the majority. The development of photography first, then of cinematography would have had to allow to unmask jokes and hoaxes put in place by skilled cheats, allowing to focus on the true inexplicable cases, but is not always so easy, especially when it deals with photo or video with ghosts or presumed ghosts.

Videos with ghosts: a viral video

For a while this video has been circulating online, causing interest and comments and it’s easy to understand why: should it be real it would be a sensational case of a video with a ghost or a sort of creature not of this world or dimension interacting, in a violent sort of way, with a man who seems to be filmed by a security camera inside a building. Take a look!

Fake news discrediting people who go after real mysteries

Many people claimed that the video, published April 15, 2013, gone viral in a short while (on Youtube it has about 6 millions views) was a fake, but a few were able to clarify how it was made (it is almost certain the use of computer animated graphics, or Cga) notably on the basis of some “technical mistakes” about the reflections of the shadow over the floor.

In this way too many “fake news” sites keep selling it as authentic undisturbed, contributing to discrediting those who try to study real cases of paranormal events of which Fanwave already talked.

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