Indigo children and crystal children

Indigo children and crystal children: who are them?

Periodically press and televisions of the whole world are questioning about the existence and the characteristics of indigo children. The expression “indigo children” was used for the first time in 1982 “Understanding your life through color” of Nancy Ann Tappe, parapsychologist who identified four main types.


Tappe sustained that you can define the true nature of the human beings studying the color of their “aura”, i.e. a bright halo, normally not visible to naked eye, which would surround every living being and that Tappe claimed to be able to observe, classifying it in five different macros types: red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

From seventies, according to the expert, begun to increasingly appear children with indigo-purple aura, while have fallen children with red-pink aura. Indigo children are characterized by a strong self-esteem, by a powerful ego, by a considerable degree of nonconformism and by being typically hyperactive.

They seem to have constant problems with the authorities, beginning from the school authoritiesm, so much to often be judged asocial or antisocial. Anyway indigo children would have a strong empathy, a great creativity and a surprisingly strong will. In certain cases they would manifest paranormal abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Indigo children and crystal children


Indigo children would be the early champions of a new mankind, they would constitute an evolution and a hope for the future of the mankind, but they wouldn’t be the men and the women of the future, rather some “facilitator” of them, that researchers have identified as “crystal children”, born since 2000.

If indigo children (by now adults) have been rebels, warriors ready to fight for a new age, crystal children would be in many cases their children, but they would have still different characteristics: spiritually more evolved, they would be very sensible, peaceful and vulnerable.

To be true there would be still a few crystal children, while would be keeping on being born indigo children, a sign that perhaps the humanity is not ready yet to the “evolutionary leap”.

Maybe, dare someone, the first crystal child of history was Jesus Christ, died crucifix not in the name of a presumed sacrifice for the humanity, but because misunderstood by the men of his time who distorted or simply threw back his teaching. Is the re-emergence of new crystal children a sign that times are changing or do we risk to have new religious wars, because of our inability to understand their spiritual message?

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