Muslims in America: Trump bans, police shoots

Donald Trump

While controversies arise, to cries of “No Muslim ban” against the executive order signed by President Donald Trump on immigrants and refugees of seven Muslim countries from entering the States, on Youtube, is picking up traction a video where you can see a 17-year-old Somali refugee critically wounded by police shooting in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City, 17-year-old Somali refugee shot by police

The video, uploaded January 23, shows how police, called on-site because of an assault of a white guy, start patrolling a road on foot.

Officers received a report stating colored attackers were equipped with sleeves and would have hurt a white man. Suddenly officers ordered a 17-year-old black boy, who doesn’t understand or refuses to obey while continuing to walk until one of the officers shoots him twice.

Abdi Mohamed, this is the name of the boy, arrived in America as a refugee in 2004 with his family, in order to escape daily violence in Nigeria.

After some health problems of his grandfather, who was his father figure, Mohamed started, at the age of 12, getting in trouble with the police and spent time in juvenile detention centers for theft, trespass, and assault.


The footage of what happened could bring clarification

According to the two officers, Mohamed and a second person were beating a white man with metal sticks and even after the order to stop moved menacingly toward the beaten man.

According to the boy’s friends, Mohamed was preparing to fight with the white guy who started an argument, but when the officer shouted for him to drop the stick her cousin’s friend called his name so the boy didn’t hear the officer’s command.

Controversy raging and while Salt Lake City’s police keep saying that the video alone is not evidence of how the facts have taken place, on Youtube dispute breaks out between those defending police’s action and those trying to put into the shoes of a black guy, with criminal records, judged harmful probably too hastily and fired despite he was not armed.

Judge yourself watching the video.

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