Sego Canyon, mysterious 8,000 years old petroglyphs

Sego Canyon

While all over the world it is picking up steam the search of signals coming from the cosmos which may attest the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, some people wondering if actually already exist on Earth clues of an ancient contact.

Sego Canyon

One of the oldest and weirder archeological witnesses of the world may actually make us think that’s true. It’s about the Sego Canyon (Utah) petroglyphs, dating back to three different periods and cultures, from 6,000 b.C. to 1,880 a.C.

The sego canyons mysterioys petroglyphs

The meaning of the mysterious pictures developed over the last 8,000 years has not yet been decrypted for sure and if many people think that these are holy representations, it is striking that many of the over 80 petroglyphs represent anthropomorphic creatures with no arms and legs and with sunken eyes, or mysterious discs seemingly pierced in the middle, large-scale, dark red painted and surrounded with rays.

Sego Canyon

Holy figures or ancient astronauts?

For the followers of paleocontact theory they woul be representations of ancient astronauts and extraterrestrial UFOs, which men lived in a time when had yet to be built the early pyramids in Egypt (Barrier Canyon petroglyphs, of the archaic period, were implemented between 6,000 b.C and 2,000 b.C.) may have considered being goddess descended from heaven on board of their flying wagons.

Sego Canyon

sego canyon petroglyphs similar to those of four corners

After over 2,500 years, Sego Canyon come alive again, thanks to the presence of Freemont people (from 600 a.C. to 1,250 a.C.); they left as well a series of petroglyphs resembling those of Four Corners’ area Anasazi, contemporary to Freemont civilization.

Those ancient Freemont artists painted figures on the rock with large rectangular shape bodies with small-scale heads, very similar to the one painted by Anasazi: was it a mere coincidence or they both had seen the same subjects, maybe those subjects already represented over 6,500 years before?

Sego Canyon

three groups of petroglyphs

Lastly, there is a third group of petroglyphs in Sego Canyon, more recent, the one realized by Ute people between 1,300 a.C. and 1,880 a.C. (when they were chased away from Mexican settlers).

Close to riders, representing Spanish conquistadors, to white buffalo and to many anthropomorphic figures, you can note some round figures, with a circle in the middle, painted with red stripes, which some experts do not rule out may represent UFOs seen by artists, or taken over by tribal legends.

Sego Canyon

In short: the mystery of Sego Canyon petroglyphs is still intact, despite the study done, after over 8 thousand years since they begin to be made.

Even if they should be the evidence of one or more paleo contacts, surely it is worthy of continuing to investigate their meaning, just as it is worthy of continuing to investigate the secret of the universe that surrounds us, awaiting one day of receiving the confirmation that we’re not alone.

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