2017: the end of the world

2017: the end of the world

Will 2017 really see the end of the world? Some people fear it for a while, for instance some fans of Medjugorje seers, according to whom 100 years of freedom granted to Satan referred to by 1820 vision of blessed Anna Caterina Emmerick would begin 13 October 1917 (date of the last Maria’s appearance in Fatima) and then would end just next year, with an intensify of violence episodes particularly against Christians and the Catholic Church.

End of the world violence and bombing

Staring at the news reports of the latest 12 months, bloodied by the attack of Paris, Bruxelles, Berlin, by the carnage in Syria, by attacks and failed putsch in Turkey, 2016 seems certainly a pretty violent year, although talking about approaching end of the world may sound too much. But is probably the growing trend to record several cases of gratuitous violence, of bullying, of small day to day delinquency what contributes to strengthen an overall uncertainty climate all around the world.

2017: the end of the world
An increasingly “wild west” climate

Certain fulfil this uncertainty climate trying to raise the level of personal security, for instance making increasingly frequent use of individual weapons. It’s almost a “wild west” climate and it’s not an accident if in the US alarm due to weapons or suspicious objects discovered in airport security screening of hand baggage are proliferating. Should be clear to everyone that you can’t bring weapons on board, of any sort and under no circumstances, but judging by the Instagram account of Transport Security Administraton (Tsa), isn’t it, indeed.

Firearms in the hand baggage

Just in the week from December 12th to 18th have been discovered 66 firearms (of which 61 were loaded and 24 had a round chambered), so much for Christmas spirit! By the way, in 2015 2015 Tsa discovered 2,653 guns in carry on bags, with an average of seven firearms discovered per days, and the number is increasing constantly since 2005, therefore there’s no doubt that even 2016 will mark a new record. Perhaps the end of the world won’t happen in 2017, but some people seem wanting to forearm in any way.

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