Project Pulsar and Blue Planet Project’s secrets

Project Pulsar - Blue Planet Project

Project Pulsar: if you try to find informations about it online you will see that people have whispered about this for years and that it seems to be the more technical part of a wider document, the Blue Planet Project. Both the documents would be diaries written by one or more scientist involved in an old US “top secret” project.

US top secret project

The aim of the mysterious secret project would have been to study locations where crashed alien or of unknown origin UFOs, also interrogating trapped alien beings, studying and collecting all data possible. The author of the two “diaries”, anonymous and unauthorized, might as well be an army officer now retired involved in the project, who would be able to avoid detection for several years and who only from 1990 had decided to begin to publish online his knowledge, according to some sources after choosing to go and live in secrecy abroad.

Hundreds of informations regarding UFOs and aliens

Of the hundreds of data that both Project Pulsar both Blue Planet Project report, there are details of 160 alleged alien races, the dates of UFO crashes (from 1947, with Roswell incident, in New Mexico, up to 1981, with Fairbanks UFO crash, in Alaska), information regarding how US government was successful in the acquisition of part of the alien technological knowledge, even carrying out autopsies on alien dead pilots of UFOs crashed, confirmation of how really hundreds of people were abducted by aliens for biomedical experiments.

Alien bases on the dark side of the Moon

There is no lacking of confirmation of the presence of alien bases on the dark side of the Moon, alongside detailed information regarding the grammar of some alien languages, the reaction to terrestrial drugs of some aliens discovered still alive, the alleged mind control capabilities of aliens (capabilities which would be artificial and related to psychic plants), the ability which certain alien races should have to focus the power of their own aura (a bio-electrical gravitational field which would surround every living creature, also investigated by the soviet scientist Semyon Kirlian since 1940s) to get psychic events.

Project Pulsar and Blue Planet Project: truth or hoax?

In short: Project Pulsar and Blue Planet Project, if genuine, are really groundbreaking documents radically modifying our view of the universe and life (as well as of religion) and that’s why the US government would have chosen to maintain the closest secret regarding such content. They would prove that conspiracy theory followers and ufologysts have always been right. Unfortunately we hardly shall ever be able to prove whether these are genuine documents or are not simply the result of a well-orchestrated hoax, which brought toether in Project Pulsar and Blue Planet Project an “encyclopedic summa” of all the speculations born over the years to explain mysterious and apparently without any explanation phenomenom.

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