Iraqi minister: in Nasiriyah 7,000 years ago there was a space station

Ancient astronaut
Kazem Finjan, Iraq Transport Minister

The news is sensational: the Iraqi minister of transportation, Kazem Finjan, admitted the existence of ancient alien contact on Earth.

The minister talked during the opening ceremony of the new airport of Nasiriyah, the capital city of the Dhi Qar governorate, which was the cradle of the Sumerian civilization.

In Nasiriyah the oldest airport in the world

This airport - would have said the minister - was the first created on Earth” 5 thousand before Christ. The ancient Sumerians built it, because “the uniqueness of the location is that it remains the safest for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, due to favorable weather conditions”.

The Sumerians, as recalled the minister, were aware of this feature and that’s why they built a space station which they used for their flights to other planets, in particular the twelfth planet of the solar system (counting also the Sun and the Moon as planets), Nibiru, that certain now call Planet X.

Ancient astronaut
The Ziggurat of Ur, a Sumerian ruin in south Iraq

Space base used to contact the Anunnaki

Fenjam cited, in support of his statements, the works of Zecharia Sitchin and Samuel Kramer about the knowledge of the solar system and of advanced technologies by the ancient Sumerians, who according to Sitchin, in particular, would have been in contact with an alien race, the Annunaki (or Elohim), coming just from Nibiru, responsible for the evolution of the Sumerian civilization.

The news is sensational as said and no wonder that it has spread rapidly on the web, but wanting to be picky some clues do not add up: first of all this politician is referred to by some sites as the Minister of Transport, by other as the Minister of Defense, with the name of Adam Fenjam. But the current Iraqi transport minister is Baqir al-Zubaidi, while the Defense Minister is Khaled al-Obeidi: it was just a transcription error?

For skeptics, something is very wrong

The reference to Zecharia Sitchin seems equally inaccurate: according to Sitchin were the Annunaki to discover the Earth, long before the alleged construction of the ancient space base in Nassiriya, about 450,000 years ago. The same Anunnaki would then performed genetic tests on the hominids creating the homo sapiens, then crossed with the Homo Erectus to create a race of slaves to be used in mines of gold and other metals.

Only later, with the birth of the ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilization, terrestrial sovereigns would have acted as intermediaries between the Anunnaki and their slaves, governed by them. There would be no need for a space base in Mesopotamia to “discover” a planet whose inhabitants were already present and revered as Gods by hundreds of thousands of years on Earth.

So the mystery is going to last: does it really exist an ancient space base in Mesopotamia or it is only the imagination excited by some Ufo lovers not too tight with the Arabic language? To know it would be necessary going in Nasiriyah and try to run away: who will come forward?

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