Ufo over Houston, what the Us government is hiding?

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A secret military stealth airplane, or rather an alien Ufo? Over Houston at 9.00 pm of December 29, 1980, there was for sure something dangerous for the health of Betty Cash, of her friend Vickie Landrum and of the nephew of Vickie, Colby Landrum. Their way home, the three noted a bright light, which initially they thought it would be a plane landing at the Houston International Airport (35 miles away).

The Cash-Landrum incident

Some minutes after they noted again the light, this time much bright, over them. Stopped the car, Betty Cash went out on the road and she saw a diamond shaped vehicle that was emitting intense heat in addition to a very bright light. Betty came back in the car, not before she had noticed some flying helicopters that seemed to head towards, or accompany, the mysterious vehicle. Other witnesses confirmed this particular later, talking of many CH-47 helicopters flying over the Houston area, that evening.

Left to right: Vickie Landrum, Colby Landrum and Betty Cash.

The three witnesses, after this unusual encounter, departed and returned home, without referring the incident, but a few days later, they start to manifest health problems. Particularly in the case of Betty, there was an unexplained hair loss and the appearance of sores on the skin, as if she had been toxins or radiations exposed. In a few the incident attracted the interest of the Project VISIT (Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative Team), a non-profit organization that included, among others, John F. Schuessler, Aerospace Engineer and Dr. Richard Niemtzow, M.D., Radiation Oncology.

Missing evidence

Schuessler examined the stretch of road where the meeting took place, noting that it seemed to have been recently excavated and resurfaced, but he found no trace of radiation, while Niemtzow failed to prove that Betty Cash sickness was radiation related. By the way, the health damage of Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum disappeared a few months later: Betty died exactly 18 years after the accident, Vickie 27 years later. What, then, was the mysterious vehicle?

Although Schuessler discovered that no military helicopter took off that evening from Texas Air Force basis, at that time only the USAF used CH-47s, so maybe they were those of a special unit created by President Carter in the final months of his presidency to monitor and protect a development program for a US stealth military vehicle. The mysterious vehicle could have been a stealth X-plane powered by a nuclear reactor which had a malfunction.

An alien technology

Some aeronautical engineers, however, still believe that it was not just a secret military program, rather a real alien technology. It remains unclear whether the diamond shaped vehicle encountered by Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum was of alien origin (automatic or manned) or it was a terrestrial vehicle built from alien technology with malfunction problems. But it seems likely, to say the least, that the US government, denying any involvement or knowledge of the incident, it is still covering some truth which can’t yet be made public.

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