Who really are the Men in Black?

Men in Black

Who really are the mysterious Men in Black (or “MIB”) who many times, according to the testimony of those involved, visited in recent decades UFO sightings and encounters witnesses, collecting clues and recommending not to talk to anyone about what they saw and of their visits? Hollywood depicts them to us like a terrestrial secret organization fighting to protect the Earth from any alien invasions, but true could be different.

Who are the Men in Black?

Nobody really know who are the Men in Black. They can be bald, blonde or dark haired, having an olive or white complexion, talking with Asian or American accent, with a thread-like or stocky shape, but they all have at least two things in common: their dress and vintage vehicles. They are all dressed in black suits, with a white shirt, black ties, black sunglasses and often are donning black hats, pulled just over their sunglasses, so as not to be recognized. Some witnesses talk about “robotic” mannerism and pronunciation.

The Men in Black always arrive in 1950as-1970s luxury mint-condition black cars, Cadillacs or Lincolns. Sometimes they showed up on UFOs sightings places arriving in black helicopters, unmarked (both cars and helicopters) but with a sorto f insegna on the doors. Are they terrestrial government agents or are they agents of a mysterious alien race lying for years on our planet?

The Albert Bender’s encounter

The first case ever reported of a contact with the Men in Blac was that occured to Albert K. Bender, editor of the UFO magazine Space Review, who in October 1953 warned UFO investigators to “be very cautious” in carrying out their investigations, explaining to have collected informations that would solve some UFOs sightings, but that he could not publish them since he was ordered not to.

Men in Black
Albert Bender

According to what reconstructed later Gregory Myers, Bender’s first encounter with the Men in Black occurred in his bedroom, where he had retired following a dizzying. Suddenly the editor realized “several dark shapes” began to appear from the darkness of the room, the Men in Black, who telepathically ordered him to stop his researches and cease UFOs sightings publications.

Dr. Hopkins’ visit

In 1976 an American family physician, Dr. Herbert Hopkins, who unknown to anyone else was researching a UFO incident, received a phone call from a member of a supposed UFOs researcher group, asking him if he could immediatly meet him at doctor’s home to talk about one of his researches. After a few minutes an astonished Hopkins found a Man in Black standing in front of his home’s door. After talking with him the man ordered Hopkins to destroy his research and not to talk to anyone of their meeting.

Men in Black

Besides some oddities, Hopkins noted that the Man in Black talked in a monotone robotic manner; furthermore when the man got up to leave the house, he seemed strangely unsteady and weak telling that his energy was running low and he must leave. After leaving home slowly making one step after the other, he seemed to turn the corner and disappear into a bright light, without any noise like a car or other vehicle. Many other encounters between UFO researchers and Men in Black were reported in the decades, all generally resolved in intimidation whose purpose was to stop or at least slow down researches about UFOs sightings. The question remains: for the benefit of who the Men in Black act, terrestrial governments or an alien race?

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